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TONIGHT > PUBLIC MEETING: Neighborhood Revitalization Grant

Neighborhood Revitalization Grant– The Wood County Commissioners have agreed to apply on behalf of the Village of North Baltimore for the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant. This will be as part of their application to the State of Ohio for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds in June.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Grant can fund projects up to $500,000 to revitalize neighborhood areas in communities. We will hold the first Public Meeting to discuss the grant, possible projects, timeline and public input on Tuesday February 13, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

We need a big turnout so please invite everyone you know so we can pack the council room with community voices.

One thought on “TONIGHT > PUBLIC MEETING: Neighborhood Revitalization Grant”

  1. There is a potential for $500,000 in grants for fixing things up around here! Realistically, $500,000 isn’t all that much. However, spent as seed money or used for matching grants, maybe we can leverage some of it for some BIG BUCKS? But first, things first… What is it that we should put on top of the list of things to do? Three projects are to be submitted. If you really care, don’t just start listing projects here on Facebook or bashing this or complaining about that. How ’bout we get constructive, go to the meeting, get the facts, follow the proper channels, talk to people who are paid to make this process work and see if we can’t fix some of the things that need fixing…

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