North Baltimore, Ohio

December 7, 2021 10:47 pm


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Raffle to Benefit Baby Strickland

A Facebook friend asked is we could help share this:

“This a young couple that recently became NB Residents and he is on our EMS/Fire, thought maybe we could get word out.”

North Baltimore residents Trenton & Allison Strickland had their baby (Benjamin) on June 19th at WCH, transporting out at days old to Toledo Children’s Hospital, where he stayed a while before being emergency air lifted to Columbus, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, being hospitalized for nearly a month with medical issues.

Family and friends are selling these raffle tickets to help the kids with medical bills and medical expenses. He currently has a ileostomy bag which is an added medical need and expense.

Trenton got an extra week off work to be by his wife and sons side but unfortunately it was unpaid time. So to help them ease the pain of the pilling medical expenses, please help us sell all these tickets

One Response

  1. Is there somebody we can contact if we would like to buy a ticket? I know it says family and friends are selling them, but I’m not sure I know any family or friends in order to purchase.

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