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SANDUSKY — State Senator Randy Gardner announced he has filed petitions to run for re-election to the Ohio Senate.

Gardner represents five counties in the second senate district, including Erie, Ottawa, Wood, Lucas and Fulton counties.

“There is so much to do to help families with jobs and affordable education,” Gardner said. “I want to make sure our area receives its fair share of attention in Columbus.”

Gardner’s achievements during the current Senate term include sponsorship of the bipartisan Clean Lake Erie Act, which brought agriculture and Lake Erie advocates and Republicans and Democrats together on one of the most important issues facing northern Ohio. For his efforts, Gardner received awards from the Nature Conservancy of Ohio environmental organization and was named a “Friend of Agriculture’ by the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Gardner also sponsored the “Two-Year Tuition Freeze Amendment” in the state budget, prohibiting tuition increases at state colleges and universities for the next two years. As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, Gardner also sponsored other amendments supporting elementary and secondary education.

In 2015, Gardner continued his 100% voting record, rising to 9,811 consecutive roll calls votes throughout his years of legislative service. He has not missed a vote on any bill, amendment or policy resolution, and has a perfect attendance record at regular sessions of the House and Senate.

“I’ll continue to work hard every day to be accessible to the people I serve and to be their strong voice in the Senate.” Gardner pledged.

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