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Record Cold Reaches the SouthWood

Temps to fall throughout the day!

Dangerous conditions for anyone outside the next 60 hours or so. People with heart conditions, immune system issues, infirmity, trouble with balance, that can get blown over in strong winds better just stay inside today!

If you need help –


2-1-1  to find out where heating stations and assistance might be.

9-1-1 if you have a medical emergency, someone is down on the ground or trapped in a car on or off the road…

No mail delivery today (and probably tomorrow)!

Call ahead to anywhere you are going today, IF YOU MUST GO OUT! Many offices, businesses and everything else are closed due to the extreme cold!

For those that must venture out – for crying out loud, take precautions, use a little strategy and common sense!

Keep your water dripping. Draw some extra water in 5 gallon buckets (in case your water main breaks).

Be aware of the silent killer CARBON MONOXIDE!!!

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