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Recycling in NB to Continue – For Now

It all started with a Press Release from Patti Bowsher, Office Manager at the Wood County Solid Waste Management District, which follows:


BOWLING GREEN, OH – June 18, 2018 – On June 13, the Village of North Baltimore notified the Wood County Solid Waste Management District (SWMD) that the Village Council rejected the County’s offer to place 24/7 recycle containers in the Village.

The SWMD is implementing 24/7 recycling at ten locations around Wood County beginning June 25. The new plan will allow residents to dispose of recycling items daily rather than one time per month. Notifications about the new service had included a notation that the North Baltimore site was coming soon. North Baltimore residents seeking additional information about recycling in the Village should contact the Village directly.

For additional information about the Solid Waste Management District and the new 24/7 recycling locations, please contact Kelly O’Boyle, Assistant Wood County Administrator.

Followed by a call to NB Village Administrator, Allyson Murray, which yielded this release from the village:

From The Village of North Baltimore – Allyson Murray, Village Administrator:

The Village of North Baltimore was extended the opportunity to participate in the Recycle Wood County 24 Hour Recycling Program. Believing our citizens would benefit from this program the Mayor and Administration met with county officials who outlined the details of the program.

At the Committee of the Whole Meeting of North Baltimore Village Council, on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the program was explained to village council with a majority of council members vocalizing their strong opposition to the village’s participation in the Recycle Wood County 24 Hour Recycling Program.

It is the hope of the Mayor and Administration that the North Baltimore Masonic Lodge will be able to reach an agreement with a company to continue to provide Saturday morning recycling in the village, otherwise North Baltimore citizens will be forced to take their recycling to Bowling Green or Findlay since council does not wish to participate in the countywide program. 419-257-2394

Texts with Skip Baltz led to this information:

From Skip Baltz, N. B. Area Recycling Coordinator:

The NB Recycling Center is operated by the NB Masonic Temple Company which has a board of directors and a contract with the village for the operation and housing of the recycling center.

The equipment at the center is owned by B. G. Recycling (4 of 5 pieces) and WCSWD (1 item). WCSWD currently pays the Mason’s $3,500 for funding the program. It appears that this funding may be ending.

The NB Recycling Center processed over 60,000 pounds of SORTED materials in 2017. This does not include “trash” included with what folks drop off.

“At this time we (the Masonic Lodge and volunteers) will continue to operate the weekly recycling center, in partnership with B. G. Recycling Center.

NB Recycling – 230 East High St.

“The newspaper trailer in the old “Food Center parking lot” will be pulled, as the Delphos firm that owns that trailer, is terminating operations. Newspapers WILL BE collected at the NB Recycling Center for processing, when the trailer is gone.

“I commend the Village of North Baltimore for standing up against the idea of a 24/7 drop-off recycling site. All on has to do is get online and read about other counties in Ohio that are having problems, Putnam and Hancock come to mind.”

Anyone with questions regarding the North Baltimore Recycling Program should contact Skip – 419-257-2777.

This is what we have for now, additional information from the council meeting is forthcoming.

Hopefully all of the folks who “are in charge” will get together and work it our for the benefit of the citizens of NB who choose to recycle.

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