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Reineke Zoning Change approved by NB Village Council

The North Baltimore Village Council decided, in a 4 – 2 vote, to go along with the recommendation of the NB Planning Commission, to allow rezoning the south half of the old NB School property from┬áS-1 Special District to B-2 General Business.

Council members Janet Goldner, Aaron Patterson, Art Patterson III and Rich Rose voted YES; with Leslee Thompson and Bill Cameron voting NO.

Reineke intends to use the area for display and parking of vehicles.

3 thoughts on “Reineke Zoning Change approved by NB Village Council”

  1. iwas wodering what was going to take longer,the village getting things right for reineke or the powell school traffic light to get fixed that had been complained by residents and brought up in at least 10 months of council was probably a close race ! refer back to a comment on nov.11 special meeting minutes and read the post .it really is the truth .

  2. I’ve lost all hope in the village workers. They still haven’t fixed the water issues. Citizens still have outrageous water bills. They just passed a street levy, so streets can be repaired (i voted against). We’ll see how that all goes. The citizens were told that the streets would be fixed from the money we are paying for the whole sewer separation. That was a lie! I’m waiting to see how good the streets will be cleaned if we get any snow. Probably like most years. Plow everything into the middle and leave it sit. Hopefully the new administrator has enough common sense unlike the last one to give these workers overtime to plow effectively and actually be out there making sure they are not slacking off. And what happened to the village worker that was let go? Hearing a lot of rumors around town. Don’t you think the citizens have a right to know, instead of the village covering it up!!!

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