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Remembering Your Blessings

by Pastor Ralph Mineo, St. Luke’s Lutheran

A person had a dream that involved a tour of Heaven.

The angel-guide, first took the dreamer to the “Receiving Station.” This was a tremendously BUSY place with constant activity. The angel explained that this is where prayer requests from Earth-people were received. There were requests for healing, comfort, peace of mind, joy of heart, reconciliation, strength, wisdom, to name only a few. The angel said, “The requests never stop piling in!”

Then the angel led the dreamer to “Packaging and Delivery.” Again, this was a BUSY place, even busier that the “Receiving Station.” This is the section where angels prepared God’s blessings and answers for delivery to the people on Earth. The dreamer asked why this was so much busier that the “Receiving Station.” The angel said, “God always sends a lot more blessings than are requested!”

The final part of the tour was the “Acknowledgement Section.” This section wasn’t so busy. There were a few angel-workers, but the activity level was low. “What’s happening here?” the dreamer asked. The angel said that this is the place for receiving THANKS for the blessings.

The dreamer woke up, realizing that it was time to remember all the blessings and give thanks more often. So the dreamer made an ornate box, and listed life’s blessings received in the past and in the present. The dreamer tried to remember every blessing received from “Packaging and Delivery.”

The dreamer then added to the “Blessing Box” every day! And everyday, the dreamer said a prayer of thanksgiving, so that the “Acknowledgment Section” would be active!

Perhaps you, dear reader, could make such a “Blessing Box” or a “Blessing Jar.” You could add a note everyday with something you’re thankful for. Our lives are better when we daily give thanks to God for the blessings of our lives. (Every once in a while, you could read through all of your notes, and give thanks again!)

As Thanksgiving 2014 approaches, let’s resolve to make a “Blessing Box” and make giving thanks a routine part of our daily lives! May God bless you abundantly!

Thanks be to God. Amen!

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