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Reminder for Village Leaf Pick-Up

There is no official schedule for Leaf Pick-Up in North Baltimore. They will be collected  when people place their bags at the curb. Only Village leaf bags will be collected.

Here are some helpful Tips to remember:

  • Please place your leaves in the Village clear bags at curbside for pick up.
  • The Village will supply you with TEN FREE BAGS per address.
  • The bags may be picked up at the village office. You may purchase additional bags at a cost of 5 bags for $1
  • PLEASE DO NOT RAKE LEAVES INTO THE STREET.This can cause the sewer drains to clog and cause flooding.


4 thoughts on “Reminder for Village Leaf Pick-Up”

  1. This is still such a joke. Yes they provide you with free leaf bags that break easily. How about the village gets the leaf vacuum fixed that used to be attached to the truck and everyone blows them to to curb to be sucked up.

  2. I believe the bag way is a lot quicker to get them picked up and you don’t have to worry about the leaf pile killing your yard. If most everyone would keep up with mulching there leaves up then you wouldn’t have to worry about bagging them up (the easy way) If they went back to sucking them up and it would snow then the piles that wasn’t sucked up wouldn’t be able to get cleaned up and people would still complain so suck it up and bag your leaves and don’t complain about it

  3. The leaf vacuum was the better way. I can remember only one time did my leaves freeze cause the street dept. was slow in sucking them up. The bags are a pain and you have to pay for extra. One can rake leaves MANY times due to wind blowing leaves in your yard making you use more than 10 bags. The leaf vacuum NEEDS to come back!!! The bags break WAY too easy!!!

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