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Roll-Rite Open House & Job Fair TODAY (10/13) in NB

North Baltimore, OHIO, Roll-Rite announces an Open House and Job Fair event Saturday, Oct 13th, 2018 from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm at their tarp manufacturing facility at 400 West Elm Street in North Baltimore, Ohio.

Our new North Baltimore facility is a focused-factory specialized in manufacturing cable tarp systems, components and tarps for straight trucks and dump trailers transporting aggregate, sand, gravel, soil, asphalt, and coal.  Including supplying our North American dealer network and factory installation and service centers serving the construction market. In addition, this team will be responsible for working with our partners in the United Kingdom, Europe, and South America. Roll-Rite is working to renovate the building and grounds as well as install additional production machinery for metal fabrication.

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Brad Templeman, President & CEO Roll-Rite, LLC stated, “Recent upgrades to our North Baltimore facility and new investments in tools and equipment reflect our ongoing commitment to creating a positive and productive work environment.  While our training initiatives around LEAN Manufacturing is intended to create a culture of continuous improvement, personal development, and sustainability. North Baltimore’s strategic position in the center of North America positions us to better service & support our customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, while at the same time unlock the emerging global growth opportunities”.

About Roll-Rite, LLC – Roll-Rite designs and manufactures state of the art automated tarp systems for the global heavy-duty trucking industry serving the Construction & Demolition, Waste & Recycling, Municipal and Agriculture markets.  These systems reliably contain and protect our customer’ payloads, create a safer working environment for our customer’s drivers and maximize our customers financial return-on-investment thru increase revenues and reduced cost-of-ownership. For information on Roll-Rite automatic covering systems visit www.roll-rite.com.

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