North Baltimore, Ohio

November 27, 2021 2:45 am


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Rotational observations and radar show funnel over SouthWood

North Baltimore was almost in the cross hairs for some wicked weather, as a funnel cloud was seen passing over NB and weather radar indicated rotation in the clouds that passed over The SouthWood Thursday afternoon, just after 4:00 pm.

photo by Mike Swartz

The warning sirens blared as the storm, which was moving at nearly 60 mph, moved quickly into the area and then out of the area. The little funnel lost the lift that was causing the rotation in the air masses as it moved to the east.

Several area residents saw the funnel, including NB resident Greg Frost who was heading to the local golf links, Birch Run. He exclaimed on arrival at the course, “Did you guys see that cloud that went over, the clouds were going every which – way!”

North Baltimore Fire was on the case, mustering out to observe the skies. The sirens were soon quieted, and the warning taken down as the storm moved quickly out of the area.

Funnel April 9 by Mike Swartz on Quarry Road
This photo was taken by Mike Swartz from his home on Quarry Road.


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