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Ruth Babel-Smith: There is a choice when you vote for Sheriff

Ruth Babel-Smith wants you to know that there is a choice when you vote for Sheriff.  Having retired from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office at the rank of Lieutenant, Ms. Babel-Smith had served the residents of Wood County for 25 years. 

Additionally, she has been an instructor and commander for over 25 years with the Ohio Basic Peace Officer Training Program.  Currently, she teaches in this program at Owens State Community College.  During her career, in addition to completing her various State certifications, she completed her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Tiffin University and completed the Police Executive Leadership College.

Ruth J. Babel-Smith for Wood County Sheriff

Ms. Babel-Smith is the recipient of two WCSO Certificates of Appreciation and a Certificate of Merit for excellence in duty. She is a member of the Fraternal Oder of Police, Lodge #109, the Ohio Police Benevolent Association, and the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives. Other organizations include:  President, AMVETS #711 Ladies Auxiliary; Madame Conductor, Fraternal Order of Eagles #2180 Ladies Auxiliary; member, VFW Paul Ladd Post Ladies Auxiliary; Past officer, Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Academically, Ms. Babel-Smith is the recipient of the Mark A. Earley Qualitative Research Award, a member of Gold Key and Honor Society, and is currently a doctorial candidate in the Leadership Studies program at Bowling Green State University.  Born in Toledo, Ms. Babel-Smith has been a resident of Bowling Green Ohio for nearly 40 years, and lives there with her husband.

“It is my pledge to keep the citizens of Wood County as my primary concern.  The Sheriff’s Office is to serve ALL citizens, all the time, in all situations with respect and dignity” (Ruth Babel-Smith).  The current Sheriff has lost sight of this basic principle, setting corporations and the elite as his primary concern. 

Instead of serving the citizens who live out in the county, he has Deputies patrolling areas that have their own law enforcement agencies. This prevents Deputies from responding to a citizen’s call for help in a timely manner.  The lack of leadership and direction from the current Sheriff has resulted in critical errors at all levels.  This contributes to the constant staff turnovers and lack of consistency.  This constant turnover in staffing causes the Sheriff’s Office to lose connection with the people they serve.

Additionally, the current Sheriff has spent countless taxpayer dollars without accountability.  A sprawling jail expansion that has no end in sight.  Taking over court security, then going over budget every year, violating one of the conditions of that agreement.  Using his county issued vehicle for personal use, a violation of State law as established in court rulings.  This Sheriff also has the highest statistics overall regarding lawsuits.

Ms. Babel-Smith has a plan. 1.) Promote an atmosphere of transparency and accountability to the citizens of Wood County.  Citizens are entitled to answers, information and explanations. 2.) Evaluate the staffing levels throughout the Sheriff’s Office and make adjustments where needed.  This will keep all citizens and Deputies safer and promote service longevity among the Deputies, ending high turnover rates. 2.) Review the jail expansion and develop a plan to finish the project with minimal additional cost to the tax payers.  3.) Create an atmosphere of trust and respect within the Sheriff’s Office where Deputies are valued for their skills and talent.  4.) Reestablish a working relationship based on mutual respect with all law enforcement agencies in Wood County and beyond.

It is time Wood County had a sheriff who will work for them.  Ruth Babel-Smith can and will make that happen.  Public safety – NOT politics. 

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