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School Board Meeting Held for October

The North Baltimore Board of Education met last Tuesday, October 24, in the library of NBHS.

The main focus of the meeting was the Financial Forecast FY2018-FY2022, as presented by District Treasurer Steven Stewart. He shared in great detail the different categories of revenue and expenditures which make up the annual budget for the district. The biggest category of revenue is State aid, projected to provide 51% of the total budget. Second largest category of anticipated operating revenue (28%) is real estate tax monies.

Also included in the projections in a category named “All Other Revenue”  are student fees, interest income, open enrollment fees, donations, refunds and reimbursements, and the CSX Tax Incremented Financing (TIF) The CSX income provides $400,000 per year to the District, with the total of everything in this category expected to provide 8% of the needed operating revenue.

Some discussion followed, concerning the uncertainty of the Intermodal’s future, with the recent reports of job loss, and change of leadership for the company.

Total projected revenues and financing sources are expected to be $8,534,591.50

As far as expenditures, Personnel is by far the biggest expense category, with 52% going for salaries/payroll, and an additional 20% for insurance benefits and retirements.

Total expenditures are projected at $8,378,414.80. Mr. Stewart reported,” North Baltimore is on the right path to be financially stable for FY18 and FY19.””We are in the black. We are in pretty good shape overall”

Superintendent Ryan Delaney added, “I want to thank Steve Stewart for all the time and effort he put into the forecast”

Other highlights shared by Superintendent Mr. Delaney during the meeting:

*We have an average of 26 kids per day eating an evening meal as provide through the (after-school) “Stars” program at Powell. It is federally funded.

*The Lions Club helps so much with their Vision Screening Program. They help provide eye glasses for students.

*The Salad Bar at the High School is a popular option. “The kids love it” he said.

*”We had 7 new kids enroll last week. With “Open Enrollment” enrollment is up by 14 or more students” Delaney said.

*Our gates are up for football, partly because of 70 degree weather. The field still looks great.

*The school district received $8958 from crops harvested on their property. “This is up. Beans were planted instead of corn and the price is up” added Mr. Delaney

Dr. Bob Falkenstein’s NBHS Principal Report

*Thank you NB graduate Oak Althauser and his grandparents John and Pam Cheney for providing the school with a new American flag for our pole out front.

*Kevin Hines presentation: The suicide prevention assembly was really well received.  We were able to help some students who came to us afterward…about many different related issues.

*It is Red Ribbon Week!  To kick it off, last Friday we hosted our 9th Annual Dodge Ball Tournament: Huge success!  We had pizza, water, music and lots of dodge ball!  We also discussed the meaning of Red Ribbon Week.

*Today we hosted a School Safety Roundtable practice drill.  In attendance were 15 people included local police, fire, EMS, Wood County Sheriff’s Department, school officials and the EMA director of NW Ohio.  We talked through our safety procedures given a few different scenarios.  Our School Safety Plan is 100% updated in print form.

*Project Search: Felons from Wood County who had to serve time for substance abuse issues will be speaking with seniors on Wednesday, October 25.  Our students will hear their stories in person. “This is a really good program with powerful stories,” said Dr. Falkenstein.

*Parent Teacher Conferences are next week on Thursday evening and Friday morning (November 2-3).

*Middle School Dance: November 3 from 7-9 pm.

*Veteran’s Day Assembly: Friday, November 10 at 2:00 in the gym.  All veterans and active duty personnel are welcome to attend.  Please email pictures to Miss Huffman ( or bring them to the office to be scanned and returned to you.  Include the name, years and branch of service if possible.

Mr. Mark Lange- Powell Principal

No report was shared from Powell’s Principal. He was attending 6th grade Camp with the Powell students.

And finally……..

Reminder to Parents: Parent Teacher Conferences are Thursday evening and Friday morning (Nov. 2 and 3)

The Veterans Day Assembly will be in the Auditeria–NOT the gymnasium.

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