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August 15, 2022 8:54 pm


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School Supply Donation for ALL Powell Students

School Supply Donation for ALL Powell Students

Once again National Beef, with a plant in North Baltimore, has purchased all the consumable school supplies for K – 6 Powell students.

The following items are the ONLY responsibility of the parents. These items can be brought to school the night of Open House or the first day:

All K – 6 students will need a book bag only.
There may be a few additional items each teacher may ask for after the first few days of school.

Much more Back-To-School Information coming in the next several days!

5 Responses

    1. It appears that all they need is a book bag. You might check with the school. “Consumables” are included in the donation. And it mentions teachers might have more items for a particular classroom.

  1. Sorry this has nothing to do with the subject matter.
    I was talking to mother a few days ago. J would like to know. Who the cich of the midget football team is. Because my niece was walking by the practice.All the kids were dropping f bombs left and right. I have never known a coach to allow this at anytime. I blame the coaches and the parents. Of the kids that were doing this. Thank you for your time.

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