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September Board of Education Meeting Held last Tuesday

by Sue Miklovic


The regular September meeting of the North Baltimore Board of Education was held at the NBHS building on Tuesday, September 27 with 100% of the Board members in attendance.

After the Opening, and the introduction of guests, Dr. Bob Falkenstein introduced the NBHS Girls Golf Team who had just participated(last Tuesday) in the Sectional Golf tournament. They finished second, behind Van Buren, and qualified to advance to the District tournament at Sycamore Springs (@ Arlington) om Monday, October 3.


Coach Kathi Bucher, Lilly Westgate, Alexis Julien, Valerie Buchanan, Hanna Rose, Zoey Beaupry, Sarina Villegas, Jordan Bucher, Coach Bill Bucher

Treasurer Eve Baldwin gave her normal financial reports.

Superintendent Ryan Delaney presented his monthly report which included these highlights:

*Commented that the recently released “Grade Cards” presented to all Ohio School Districts by the Ohio Department of Education, as a certain standard of measure, contained mostly D’s and F’s for 85% of all schools in Ohio.  He’s sure we won’t see these tests again.

*Homecoming is in 2 weeks


From NBMS/NBHS Principal Dr. Bob Falkenstein:

  1. Districtwide, we enrolled 107 students since July!  That includes 28 new preschool and 27 new kindergarteners.  Still, 52 new students in grades 1-12 is not usual.
  2. Our new Chromebooks in HS ELA courses are a huge win!  Thank you!
  3. Laura Warden welcomed her healthy baby girl home.  Leah Ann Warden was born Sunday, September 18 at 6:55 pm and weighed in at 9 lbs. 3 oz, and 20 inches long.  We will get her a wrestling singlet!
  4. The MS/HS staff is doing a tremendous job this year!  Many new activities, labs, technology integration and creative lessons are taking place.  I commend their focus on student learning!
  5. Turf is installed in the Woodruff Field House.  It looks marvelous!
  6. Midterm grades went home one week ago already!
  7. Student Council has chosen “Board Games” as the theme for Homecoming this year.


Subthemes are:

Seniors- Candyland

Juniors- Monopoly

Sophomores- Life

Freshmen- Trouble

8th- Clue

7th- Sorry


Student Council has also decided on dress up days for October 10-14.

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Teacher/Student Swap Day

Wednesday: What Not to Wear

Thursday: SuperHero/SuperVillain Day

Friday: Tiger Spirit Day


  1. Special Activities:

Wednesday, October 12: Powderpuff and Bonfire, 7:00 start

Friday, October 14: Homecoming Parade and Game

Saturday, October 15: Homecoming Dance

Saturday, October 22: Club NB!!

Friday, October 28: 8th Annual Dodgeball Tournament after the football game

From Powell Elementary Principal Mr. Mark Lange

With more than a month under our belts, students are finally in the “groove.”  Routines have been established and students are becoming familiar with teacher expectations and classroom procedures.  Students are getting down to business and learning is happening in every classroom every day.


Most, if not all, of the teachers have finished their beginning of the year (BOY) assessments that are administered to help teachers determine students’ current levels of performance.  Teachers continue to develop their SLOs which are used as part of the teacher evaluation process.  I have had very few questions about SLOs so it seems that teachers are becoming much more comfortable with the SLO process.  Kudos go to the teachers for tackling this time-consuming task with such a positive attitude.


We now have a very unique group here at Powell – The Brotherhood of Honorable Men.  It is a boys group dedicated exposing at-risk boys to the attributes that we most appreciate in those we see as role models.  Characteristics such as honesty, integrity, commitment, determination, etc. will be discussed as we encourage the 5th and 6th grade participants to demonstrate these attributes.  Candidates were nominated by their teachers, and it is hoped that they, with support, will have the potential to become promising leaders within our building.  Steve Green and Charles Scherdt are leading the group and meet with the boys once a week during the lunch hour.  Students are asked to dress in business professional attire on the days they meet.  For those who did not have dress shoes, ties, collared shirts, etc., Mr. Green found outside funding to provide the dress clothes.


We hosted “Donuts for Dads” this past Friday.  It began at 7:15 in the cafeteria, and we had over 400 participants.  The turnout was strong, and it was great to see so many students smiling.  Students don’t often have the opportunity to have their parents participate in such activities at school.  They are always excited when they can show off their parents!  Muffins for Moms will be in May and we expect an equally impressive turnout next spring.


We kicked off our annual fund-raiser last Tuesday, and it runs through this Thursday.  Students have been very active in selling items.  Students who reported sales on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were given emojis and they are wildly popular.  Thanks to the teachers who excused students from class first thing in the morning to come to the office for their sales prizes.  Our sales goal for this year’s sale is $28,000 and our cut of that provides the majority of the money that is in my principal’s account.


We had a very successful first RTI (Response to Interventions) meeting last Tuesday.  We continue to monitor student progress in reading and identify learners who are struggling.  Teachers will develop RIMPs, individualized student improvement plans, for each student that has been identified to be significantly behind their same-aged peers.


It is time to start scheduling teacher evaluations.  I have waited until things settled down and teachers had the opportunity to get to the know students and become familiar with their academic performance before conducting formal evaluations.  I have had the opportunity to see every teacher in action and the board should be proud of the quality of education that my staff is providing.


The sixth grade class had the opportunity to take learning on the road today!  They walked to the park and spent the next three hours learning in the outdoors.  Representative from the Wood County Soil & Water Conservation District came to share about the rock cycle, the important geological nature of the area, erosion, and related topics.  A good day was had by all.

The sixth grade students will have the opportunity to attend Camp Storrer in Jackson, Michigan from Oct. 24-26th.  They will be spending three days and two nights learning in this fantastic outdoor classroom.  Students who need financial assistance need to contact Ms. Long or Mr. Lange.  We are still in need of male chaperones for the trip.  Please call the school if you are interested in supporting the kids as a night cabin dad.

Lastly, the Powell family has grown by one.  Special Education Director, Laura Warden, and her husband welcomed a daughter on September 18th.  Leah Ann Warden weighed in at 9 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20” long.  Laura will be out on maternity leave for the next 5 weeks which leaves Dr. Bob and I to hold the fort down in her absence.  The baby trend is continuing at Powell.  I will have two teachers that are expecting babies this school year and the year is still young so the number has the potential to increase.


In approving the Superintendents recommendations for the evening, the Board voted 100% in favor of every item. Not a single NO vote was cast. Some of the recommendations of interest were:

*A revision to the salary for Mrs. Pam VanMooy who is receiving 30, 976.28 through the Hancock County educational Service Center as Special Programs Coordinator for the school year. It was recalculated after it was determined the salary was figured for 184 days instead of 100 days at the previous month’s meeting.

*Accepted the resignation for retirement of Mrs. Dale Schwab. Her last day is December 30, 2016. She has served in the local school system for 31 ½ years.

*Approved salary adjustments for certified staff completing educational hours that will move them higher on the salary schedule. Ms. Baldwin confirmed she has received the transcripts for: Kevin Switzer (Masters, plus 10 yr) and Rob Luderman (to Masters)

* Approved a continued leave of absence for Scott Lockwood using the remainder of his accumulated sick leave, through December 31,v 2016.

*Approved a revision to the resolution in conjunction with the NB Village for the shared cost of a School Resource Officer for 2 years at an estimated cost of $51,000 (half to be paid by the Board) from August 29, 2016 through August 29, 2018. The second year of the contract is being estimated as the same salary.


*The NB Board members plan to attend the Capitol Conference from November 13-16, 2016 and participate in a ”March on the Capitol” during Friday of that annual conference.

*Voted to CANCEL the October regular meeting to, and hold a Special Meeting on MONDAY, OCTOBER 24 at 6:00pm.

The meeting adjourned at 6:47pm.








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