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March 27, 2023 5:43 am

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Seven Wonders of the World

by Pastor Ralph J. Mineo

There’s a story about a group of students who were asked to list what they thought were the current “Seven Wonders of the World.” The following were the most common answers:

1.  Egypt’s Great Pyramids
2.  Taj Mahal
3.  Grand Canyon
4.  Panama Canal
5.  Empire State Building
6.  St. Peter’s Basilica
7.  China’s Great Wall

As the teacher was gathering answers and reading them out loud, one student started folding up her paper. The teacher asked the girl why she was doing that. The girl replied, “I think I didn’t understand the question. All my answers are different.” The teacher said, “Tell us what you have.” The girl unfolded her paper and read these “Seven Wonders of the World” to the class:

1.  To See
2.  To Hear
3.  To Touch
4.  To Taste
5.  To Feel
6.  To Laugh
7.  To Love

You could hear a pin drop in that classroom! The ordinary things of life that we overlook or take for granted are truly wondrous! These things weren’t built or purchased by human hands. These precious “wonders of the world” are from the mind and heart of God, our Creator.

It’s a reality that some of these “seven wonders” have been lost or harmed in some people we love. Some are blind. Some can no longer hear well or at all. How sad when someone cannot laugh or love. We certainly need to care about them and be in prayer for healing and wholeness in Christ.

Let’s resolve to appreciate these wonders in our lives! Let’s give thanks to God for these wonders! Let’s use them all for the glory of God! Amen!

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