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November 27, 2021 2:57 am


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Ohio Bigfoot Hits the Big-Time

Local filmmaker creates coast-to-coast, adventure, mini-series that promises to offer “compelling, new evidence” for creature’s existence

A new, documentary mini-series promises to change the way you view the Bigfoot phenomena when it is released in March. The series’ director, Seth Breedlove, grew up in Bolivar and used his hometown as a central location in the project, which, in addition to Northeast, Ohio, was also shot in California, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, South Carolina, New York and more. The series tracks the history of the Bigfoot subject while also telling Seth’s personal story, tracing how he went from an ardent skeptic, to truly believing there could be a real, undiscovered creature lurking in North American forests.

The documentary mini-series was created by Seth as a “solo, filmmaking experiment” through the course of 2018. Shot in over fourteen different states, and featuring twenty-one Bigfoot enthusiasts, investigators, skeptics, and believers, On the Trail of Bigfoot, is told in six episodes and is already being hailed as the definitive documentary on the subject. Breedlove drew national attention in 2015 with the release of his first film, Minerva Monster, which documented a Stark County family’s brief-but-terrifying encounter with a mysterious being in the woods behind their home in the late 70’s. On the Trail of Bigfoot revisits the Minerva Monster story within the context of retelling the entire history of the subject. Since the release of Minerva Monster, Breedlove has gone on to direct numerous features and shorts focused on local legends and lore. In 2018 he began developing an original series based around his films with a production company in Hollywood.

Small Town Monsters - Bigfoot in Ohio

While filming On the Trail of Bigfoot, Seth joined four different Bigfoot investigative groups located in Southern Ohio, Pennsylvania, the Olympic Peninsula in Washington and the Ouachita Mountains in Southeastern Oklahoma. He spent numerous days and nights in the forest with these groups searching for the creature and managed to get some intriguing video and audio evidence that is shown in the mini-series. While in the Ouachita Mountains, Seth and members of his team witnessed something throwing rocks and making bizarre screams from a hill near their camp; an event that persuaded Breedlove that perhaps there is more to the Bigfoot “legend”, after all.

On the Trail of Bigfoot was shot, edited, written, narrated and directed by Breedlove who considered the task of solely creating the series as a “filmmaking challenge”. He also co-produced the series with his wife, Adrienne. Together they run the production company, Small Town Monsters based out of Wadsworth, Ohio. On the Trail of Bigfoot will premiere at the Canton Palace Theatre on Friday, March 29th at 8pm with four of the six episodes being shown. It is also scheduled to play at a film festival in Eau Claire, WI and again at the Kent Stage in Kent, OH this coming April. The series will see a digital premiere on Amazon, Vimeo OnDemand and VIDI Space as well as DVD on March 29th.

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