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Something Special from CSX

by Sue Miklovic

Last Thursday afternoon as JP and I were working out in our yard, I noticed a couple of vehicles loaded with passengers, parked near our home, and apparently “waiting” for what  we suspected must be something “special” coming down the rails.

Some of the people had already exited their vehicles and had cameras around their necks. Others waited until they heard the train coming to actually hop out. Either way, they were in for a treat, and so were we. By the time we noticed the nearby activity, it was too late for us to grab a camera, but we are happy that someone sent us  this picture.

Photo Credit: Edward Ribinskas, Akron Railroad Club member went trackside to photograph the 911 and the 1776. 

According to the Akron Railroad Club, CSX recently repainted two of its ES44AH locomotives to honor veterans and first responders.

The first responders unit is numbered 911 and named Spirit of Our First Responders. The other unit Spirit of Our Veterans is number 1776.

Since being released the two units have traveled as a pair. They recently passed through North Baltimore, Ohio going east. When they came through NB, the Spirit of Our Veterans was leading the eastbound stack train and the Spirit of Our First Responders was the final car. Based on the speed of the train, we are guessing it must have pulled out from the local intermodal railyard.

So keep your eyes open next time  you are  waiting to cross the tracks. You might get to see these special engines passing through again! I hope it will make you smile, and that’s not something most of us do while waiting to cross.



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