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COLUMBUS – State Representative Robert Sprague (R-Findlay) officially declared his candidacy for Treasurer of State this afternoon with the filing of 2,657 signatures from Ohioans representing 71 counties.  A first-time candidate for statewide office, Robert announced his intention to run for Treasurer in March of 2017 and quickly established a formidable network of political and financial support.

“I am honored to submit to Secretary Husted this afternoon the signatures of over 2,500 Ohioans who believe I am well-qualified to serve as our next Treasurer of State,” said Robert Sprague.  “I look forward to continuing to spend the next 9 months on the campaign trail getting back out to all of our 88 counties and earning the trust of voters in every corner of our state.”

Campaign finance reports released last week show Sprague raised nearly three-quarters of a million dollars to date and that he maintains an account balance surpassing that of all other declared candidates for Treasurer of State.

“Robert has picked up an overwhelming amount of support as people have learned more about his experience, his values and his innovative solutions to tackle some of our state’s most pressing problems,” said Campaign Manager Jody Foltyn.  “I’m confident that as this campaign progresses, voters will determine that Robert Sprague is the principled and visionary leader our state needs in the Treasurer’s Office.”

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