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September 18, 2021 10:45 pm


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State of the Village

North Baltimore Mayor Janet Goldner delivered the following State of the Village Address for 2016 at the council meeting held Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

January 17, 2017

Good Evening,

I would like to share, with Council and guests, the State of The Village Address regarding the Village of North Baltimore, Ohio.  The past year seemed to go by very quickly and we were able to complete several projects, keep the village running on a daily basis, have some personnel switches, and moved into 2017 141st year of our incorporation.

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. When we pool our strength and share the work and responsibility, we can welcome many people, even those in deep distress, and perhaps help them find self-confidence and inner healing.”
Jean Vanier, Community And Growth

A goal of Cleaning up the Village was begun and a Village-wide Recycle Day was held on Arbor Day, April 28, 2016.  Computer pieces and other electronic items were recycled by ALLShred and much paper was also sent to be recycled.  Tires were brought to the CSP parking lot and were taken to be recycled as well.  We were able to keep some toxic waste out of our landfill and removed several possible breeding grounds for mosquitos.  We thank CSP for the use of their parking lot, students from Tri-M organization, and Paws for a Cause.

In May  on  was a celebration of the safety service programs we have in our village as well as in the county we celebrated our Public safety organizations, NBFD, NBPD, and NBEMS displayed vehicles, Jaws of Life demonstrations, Child IDs, Wood County Sheriff SWAT, and several area canine units.  A cloudy, rainy day didn’t stop families from coming down to the Village Hall and seeing Life Flight, listening to music, eating French Fries, bar-b-que and waffles.  Our local Legion, post 539, presented the colors at 9:00 am and the Star Spangled Banner was sung.  There are so many people to thank for that day and we have a fine group of volunteers and paid employees making certain we are safe..  On June 14th a successful combined drill was planned and executed by our fire department and our EMS and CSX Intermodal.      Ladder trucks and firemen from BG and Findlay fire departments also participated in the drill so firemen and EMTs could climb up to a cab on one of the cranes and see how a rescue would be accomplished.  WE hope this begins an exciting time of cooperation with our neighbors to the West.

Several projects were started in the 2015 calendar year and were able to be finished during 2016.

  1. ***New Municipal Building Roof after more than a decade of leaks and Band-Aids the roof at the Village Municipal Building was replaced this past summer by Helms Construction of Findlay, Ohio. 
  1. ***Water Meter Change Overin an attempt to improve efficiency and customer service all 1200+ water meters in the village were replaced by NECO with new Neptune meters capable of providing hourly water meter reading information.
  1. ***Sewer Plant Headworks Update – as the final piece of the sewer separation project the village sewer plant received electrical updates and construction of a new lab building by Peterson Construction of Wapakoneta, Ohio in order to adjust to the new flows created by the separating of the sewers.
  1. ***Communications Tower Replaced –in order to obtain the water meter readings, as well as to improve radio communications throughout the village, the old 60 foot communications tower at the municipal building was replaced by Perry Pro-tech with a new state of the art 120 foot communications tower.
  1. ***Village Street Paving – in the late summer Morelock Paving milled and paved 3 street sections and 4 alleyways in the village.
  1. ***Village Hazard Tree Removal – 19 hazardous trees that were dead or dying were removed by Ashcraft Tree service this past summer.
  1. ***Tree Commission Tree Planting – the village tree commission worked with Feasal’s Greenhouse in Findlay to plant 30 new trees throughout the village.
  1. ***ADA Compliant Crosswalk Upgrades – the village was awarded a CDBG grant through Wood County to have Quinn Concrete update and install ADA compliant crosswalks in the downtown area.

We are thankful for the grant funds which totaled $378,339 in 2016 that we received to help complete these projects.  Our Village Administrator, Allyson Murray, collaborated with several agencies and firms to get the ‘best bang’ for our money.  As a result North Baltimore is ADA compliant, and our infrastructure has been upgraded and will last many years into the future.

New projects that have been started – such as replacing the water main along Main St. will be completed this year and will lead us to our down town revitalization plan that was started with Miss Healy getting our place in future TMACOG projects and funding back in 2013.

  1. Replacement of Main St. Waterline – Buckeye Excavating was awarded the bid to replace the Main St. Waterline between State St. and Broadway St. Work on this project will get underway in January 2017.
  2. CDBG Grant to Update the Little League Concession Stand – the village applied for and was awarded a Community Development Block Grant through Wood County to make ADA compliant upgrades to the concession stand at the Little League Field. This work should begin spring 2017. 
  1. Natureworks Grant to update the Basketball/Tennis Courts at the Park – the village applied for and was awarded the Natureworks Grant for the resurfacing and upgrades to the basketball and tennis courts at the park.  This work should begin summer of 2017. 
  1. Replacement of Phase II Waterline – the village successfully moved on to the next funding round in their OPWC application to fund the replacement of the Main St. Waterline between Broadway St. and Walnut St. Final notification should be this spring with work beginning in the fall 2017 or spring 2018. 
  1. Phase III of Downtown (Streetscape) – Preliminary design work is being completed by Poggemeyer Design Group on the beautification of downtown with improvements to sidewalks, curbs, lighting and trash receptacles.  Work to begin on this project summer of 2018. 
  1. Phase IV of Downtown – the village wishes to pave Main St. from State St. to the corporation limits once the downtown work has been completed. As the final stage in the 4 Phase Downtown Revitalization Design, the village is currently exploring funding opportunities for this project.

Village Council had a change as well – Miss Holly Emahiser was appointed to fill a vacancy that was caused when Mr. Matt Archer, elected in 2015, was unable to fulfill his term of office.  Our long-time Legal Counsel – Chet Marcin retired after 42 years of service to the Village.  We are fortunate to be able to welcome Joel Kuhlman from Kuhlman and Hammer Law Offices and much legislation has been approved and enacted by our Council and I am pleased to say we are working together to help North Baltimore move forward.  We don’t always agree with each other but we take the time to listen, share, and come to a consensus regarding issues that affect our Village. “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”
Stephen R. Covey

I am so excited to move forward into the second year of my term.  I predict great accomplishments in our future and know that if we continue to work together we can accomplish anything.

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Thank you for your kind attention.

But remember, none of this happens on its own. All of this depends on our participation; on each of us accepting the responsibility of citizenship, regardless of which way the pendulum of power happens to be swinging.

Janet Goldner, Mayor of North Baltimore, Ohio


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