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Take the “Good Neighbor Quiz”

The Village of North Baltimore, led by Mayor Janet Goldner and Village Administrator Allyson Murray, wish to lead the charge to preserve and protect the character of our neighborhoods, “we just all need to do our part”.

Take the Good Neighbor Quiz to find out if your home is safe and well maintained (and “legal”).

Answer True or False.

  • There is no litter or trash around my home, including in my yard, near the curb or alley.
  • I mow my lawn regularly (and maintain the property along the street and alley).
  • My neighbors can safely walk on my sidewalk because there are no holes in the concrete and the bushes are trimmed.
  • I store my trash in a secure area until trash collection day.
  • I do not place trash bags on the curb before trash collection day.
  • I always put my trash container away at the end of trash collection day.
  • My car is parked in my driveway, garage, or on the street (no wheels are on the lawn or the boulevard)
  • The gutters and downspouts on my house are securely attached.
  • The shingles on my house and garage cover my entire roof.
  • I always repair any broken window as soon as I can.
  • The doors to my home are securely attached.
  • While it may not be perfect, the paint on my house looks pretty good.
  • An emergency squad can find my home to help me or my family because my address is clearly marked.

According to Village Administrator Murray, if you answered false to any of the above questions, you may have a potential code violation. Call the village office with any questions or concerns at 419-257-2394.

In addition, Mayor Goldner says that the flyer below will be coming out with the water bills this month.

NB Recycle Day 2016 flyer

The village HOPES to be adding to this list of recyclables, including tires and possibly household paint and other household hazardous wastes.

April is shaping up to be “Clean-up NB” month, beginning with Brush Pick Up the first two weeks of the month.

NB Local Schools are having activities around Earth Day (Friday April 22).

The village Arbor Day celebration will be on the 29th, along with the NB Recycles Day!

Many more details to follow!

NB Village Good Neighbor Quiz flyer

7 thoughts on “Take the “Good Neighbor Quiz””

  1. Lol, I’m all for a nice community, but this feels like the pot putting up posters for the kettle to read. The Village should really take a look at some of their own facilities before attaching the words “code violation” to lawn mowing habits and parking tires on the “boulevard.”

    The same Village that took a year to repair a broken playground slide is now tracking how long it takes residents to fix a window? This whole thing seems really odd.

    1. Seems to me that years and years of neglect, poor code enforcement and poor habits have led to the shoddy state around the village. Let’s not turn the screws up too tight, too quick. But, we MUST start somewhere with raising our standards. It’s just that some of the fixing up is going to be expensive for some folks! Let’s see if we can get some assistance for sidewalks and curbs. At least make it so home owners can get in on a “package deal” and put new sidewalks on our property tax bill for 30 years.

  2. It seems to me that taxes property income or otherwise are already too high in this town and with the upcoming increases on utilities I guess well be seeing more for sale signs in this town.

    1. Taxes are high because we demand services and government has gotten too big and over reaching! And yeah, but many of these houses have sold and new folks move to town, or some in town upgrade. Many houses have been bought by construction guys, who turn them into rentals or flip them. Sure, no one wants to spend $80 to have potable water at the turn of the faucet or have your sewer taken away and treated (all you have to do is flush), but there is a price for the “premium”* of living in a location that is not a metro area.
      *”premium” = The desire for a smaller, more close-knit community, where you CAN become involved, if you WANT to. You have less traffic, less crime, less chance of being involved in things out of your control, and to me, the list goes on and on…….. Also, I realize that some communities pay less. But that is likely a temporary situation for them. There water/sewer price will one day equal or exceed ours. Otherwise, can’t we just make the best of what we have here in NB!

  3. I can proudly say I answered true to all of the questions listed in the flyer, and did not cheat. And in response to taxes being high for water and etc. It seems the NB has wanted to be indepenednt for quite a number of years, not consolidating schools with surrounding towns, and not being a part of the NW Ohio water district. What do you expect, when opportunities pass a city by when it could have been possible to have lower tax rates on certain issues, water, school, etc. Sorry if folks do not agree but a lot of the tax burden on the citizens of NB and keeping businesses away has not happened over night but over time, and lot of it stems from wanting to remain an independent town and not consolidating things that can be.

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