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Tell Ohio Rail Commission About NB CSX Issues – Online Survey

Here is your chance at least maybe get your concerns heard about what we in North Baltimore deal with on a daily basis… The CSX Mainline and NWO Intermodal Terminal two miles to our west.

The Ohio Rail Development Commission wants your feedback!!!

As part of the outreach efforts for the 2018 State Rail Plan update, ORDC is asking you to take 5 minutes* and fill out the Rail Plan Survey.

To participate, click here or visit our webpage (below).

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable information

* I took the survey, giving details, it took about 15 minutes – but it was worth it, IF someone does something with the info! ~ JP

2 thoughts on “Tell Ohio Rail Commission About NB CSX Issues – Online Survey”

  1. I didn’t live here when CSX began their journey through our town. So with that I won’t make any remarks about this but I’m sure some other towns people will.

  2. Resident or visitor, if you have waited ten minutes for a stopped or slow-moving train, taking this survey is an excellent way to make your concerns known to the railroad industry in general and CSX in particular.

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