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Theater Fundraising now in Final Week – WE CAN DO THIS!!!

From Ralph Wolfe, Chairman of the “Campaign to Keep the Theater OPEN”:

“As of today (Thursday) at 3:30 pm, we have raised $40.875.  We now have to raise $9,525 by November 21 (next Friday).  Today I received a Bronze level contribution from Sean Benjamin, whom I encountered while walking down North Main Street.”

Here is the information for making a donation:

(There is also an option for determining your own amount to donate)

VMP Save Theater seat donation form line added


5 thoughts on “Theater Fundraising now in Final Week – WE CAN DO THIS!!!”

    1. We are told – “The unit they were originally going to buy sold to another theater. The 50k will purchase a newer model, the next affordable one, and will include installation. Since they have raised 40k, they can put a deposit on this unit to hold until the full amount is raised.”

    1. The “committee” (Ralph Wolfe) and Doug Wickard have verified that the $50K is the correct figure needed for the digital conversion.

  1. Hey got an idea to help you all raise the last $9,000 needed. Why cant you guys offer seats for free. Ticket books? like Someone can purchase one or a book of tickets to get to your showings for free? When our town theater was in bankrupcy they has a huge fund raisor and offered books of free stuff. 5 movies one hu ge popcorn and a drink for free. 5 drinks for free shows.If you offer people something for their buck theyre more likely to pay for it to stay open. Also have you guys advertised in Findlay? Findlay only has that exspensive, not worth the cash, place now…Thers alot of Findlians who would like to come to NB and watch a flick now and than. So thats my comment. Bye.

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