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Tiger Cross Country

NBHS’s Results for Cross Country on August 23rd:

NamesGradeLetter2017Car. Best23-AugPlace
Rachel CrouseSr.3yr23:34:0023:34:00DNRDNR
Zion CookSr.1yr20:14:0020:14:0025:12*5th/29/37
Katie DewulfJr.2yr26:06:0024:49:0030:29*3rd/10/17
Lydia HartmanJr.2yr22:14:0022:14:0025:56*2nd/5/17
Sydnee SmithJr.2yr22:35:0022:35:00INJINJ
Jaden BucherJr.GolfGolf
Wyatt MoweryJr.2yr19:34:0019:08:0020:39*2nd/10/37
Levi TroutJr.2yr18:24:0018:24:0019:47*1st/3/37
Gabe GazarekSo.23:03:0023:03*3rd/23/37
Jordan KimmelSo.1yr22:34:0022:34:0025:27*6th/30/37
Alex TroutSo.DNRDNR
Caitlin SchwartzFr.24:56:0024:56*1st/2/17
Rhiannon PowellFr.34:45:0034:45*5th/14/17
Lucy TroutFr.32:51:0032:51*4th/12/17
Jaiden BaldwinFr.25:42:0025:42*7th/31/37
Darrian ZitzelbergerFr.23:35:0023:35*4th/25/37
Girls 2nd
Boys 4th

NB Junior High Results:

NamesGradePer. Best23-AugPlace
Alivia Delancy8th16:20*1st/1/1
Jordan Coup8th18:13*2nd/12/14
Zach Livingston7th17:26*1st/11/14

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