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Tiger Fan Embarrassed with Some Tiger Fans

As a follower & fan of the North Baltimore high school, I was so embarrassed at the behavior of some of the adults at the Van Buren basketball game. Our boys played their hearts out last night. They didn’t all have their best game, but I was proud of them.

With that said, some of the “pillars of the community” as they like to think of themselves were pathetic. The refs have a job to do. They are also doing the best job they can. For you to call them idiots, scream foul language at them & constantly yell at them because you don’t agree with their calls is a disgrace. You continually do this at each & every game.

If you are going to get that upset about a high school sporting event, I ask that you stay home so the rest of us respectful fans can enjoy the game. There are children at these games. For you to drop the F bomb because you think it’s acceptable is so out of control. If you want to attend these events, please have respect for the other fans & the players & keep your foul mouth at bay. Let’s support our athletes & not create a reputation that we are big cry babies. Go Tigers.

Doreen Patterson

3 thoughts on “Tiger Fan Embarrassed with Some Tiger Fans”

  1. This letter nailed it. I have listened to the same thing at football games. Especially one “fan” who likes to say ” hit somebody” almost constantly. I can not add anymore that what the article above does, because it got it right! It is a game, you/we are there to cheer on our/your kids.

  2. I agree with this fully. I had to recently remind some young men that when u are sitting with cheerleaders you have to behave. Some don’t understand that. But having a daughter on the cheer squad she is setting and representing what and who we are. I always have no less then 5 to 9 teens/young adults around me at most of the home games I’m at because of my kids. I let them all know if they are sitting near me or with me they will behave or they will be told to leave. Stand your ground Doreen. We are tiger nation. Let represent in the king of the forest like a true tiger. Not like a bunch of baboons. #who We pride.

  3. Comment not being posted due to 1.) it being anonymous, 2.) it not offering anything positive, and 3.) the fact that we need to focus on our children and their efforts! ~ NBX Management

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