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Tigers Win 52-42

The Tiger Boys were on the road Friday night, playing at Riverdale, in a Blanchard Valley Conference game.

North Baltimore121813952


NB Scoring
Chad Wright-17
Julian Hagemyer-12
Sean Watson-10
Noah Brian-6
Chase Naugle-5
Brody Naugle-2


Chase Naugle-7

Sean Watson-4
Noah Brian-4

Photos courtesy of Lindsay Ziegler

Varsity at Riverdale
Chad Wright ready for the tip-off
bbb vs Riverdale var2
Noah Brian playing defense
bbb vs Riverdale var3
Sean Watson looks to pass
bbb vs Riverdale var4
Chase Naugle keeps his eye on his man.
bbb vs Riverdale var5
Chad takes it at two defenders!
bbb vs Riverdale var6
Block it Chad, but don’t foul!

Junior Varsity action:

bbb vs Riverdale jvar3
Bryce Gunter on the defensive
bbb vs Riverdale jvar4
Tyler Durfey
bbb vs Riverdale jvar5
JV defense by Tyler Bumpus
bbb vs Riverdale jvar1
Noah Cotterman and #3 – Adam Flores
bbb vs Riverdale jvar2
Brady Rader #5
bbb vs Riverdale jvarBillCombsRef
Bill Combs of NB was a JV game referee at Riverdale vs. NB

The Tigers are now 6-4overall (3-2BVC). They are on the road to Ridgemont today, Saturday 01/9/16

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