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September 26, 2021 8:12 am


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“Time For An Attitude Check”

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24 NIV)

 Can you honestly say this every day? You do have a choice as soon as you wake up as to what attitude you will have for your day. You can rejoice that God has allowed you another day on this earth and be glad it it. You have control of your thoughts and you can determine whether your outlook will be one of gloominess or happiness.

I read a book called, The Life You Always Wanted by John Ortberg. I highly recommend this book. In it he described a lady who was bed ridden, blind, nearly deaf, and had lived in a convalescent home for 25 years. Plus, she had a huge cancerous sore that distorted her face. Now you would think this woman would have been very depressed, but she wasn’t. Mr. Ortberg gave her a flower and she asked if she could give it to someone else since she could not see it. She handed it to another person and said that it was from Jesus.

He visited her for three years and read the Bible to her. Then he asked her what she thought about all the long hours laying in that bed or in a wheelchair. She said she thought about Jesus. He asked what she thought about Jesus. She said that she thought about how good he had been to her. She said that she was mostly satisfied. She said that people might think she was old-fashioned, but she did not care because she would rather have Jesus because He was all the world to her. Then she sang that old hymn, Jesus Is All The World To Me.

Now I ask you again, hopefully with a new perspective. Can you say every morning, “This is the day the Lord has made, let ‘me’ rejoice and be glad”. After reading this in the book, I was totally humbled by this sweet lady’s attitude about Jesus. You see the power of the Holy Spirit can transform you on the inside so that even when you are in the most dire need of strength to face your day, you will find the strength that only Jesus can give to carry on. Think of this lady, when you feel like you cannot keep going. She pulled strength from her faith in Christ to keep living and witnessing about His love.

Surely you can face each day with a smile, knowing that you have the love of Christ permeating your very soul. May you always rejoice that you are alive to show His love to others.

Dear Lord,

Help me to use each day to bring your love to others. May I be like this lady and rejoice that I have this day to worship you and to witness to others. Help me to have a positive attitude so I can be a blessing to others.

In Jesus’ name,


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