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TODAY is Panera Bread Day at NB’s PCG

Panera Bread Day – Every Wednesday  ~ 12:00pm to 3pm – Praise Chapel – 500 West Broadway, North Baltimore, Ohio.

Sunday Sermon 

“Hearts & Minds”

Note from the Pastor:

There is a constant battle for the hearts and minds of people. This concept is occasionally used from time to time in the resolution of a war. It can also be used in a business when dealing with employees, customers, contractors, vendors, etc. The opposite tactic is the use of brute force to accomplish what is needed to be done.

If we can get people to agree on something to the point of even their heart getting involved, we can make some awesome things happen if everyone is passionate about a needed change. On the other hand, if people have their hearts and minds set against something, you better be prepared for a long battle or maybe even forget about anything changing.

On the spiritual side of this concept, there is another battle raging in the hearts and minds of people. This battle has been going on for a very long time. Both sides of the battle are very passionate about what they believe or don’t believe about God.

What we think, is the first step towards what we believe and ultimately what controls our actions and destiny. Christians are being attacked for what they believe is nothing new. Also, the way to guard your heart and mind is the same as it has always been. Join us this Sunday to find out how to be protected against these attacks against our hearts and minds!

Hope to see you this Sunday!


Pastors Jon & Theresa Rhinehart

Praise Chapel PCG

P.O. Box 254

500 W. Broadway St.

North Baltimore, Ohio 45872

(419) 408-HOPE (4673)


“Proclaiming and Demonstrating the Love of Jesus” 

Service Times:

Sunday Worship Service ~ 10:30 am

Thursday Bible Study ~ 6:30 pm

New Church Office Hours:

Monday – Thursdays ~ 10:00am to 3pm

Panera Bread Day 

Every Wednesday  ~ 12:00pm to 3pm

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