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Troop 315 Activities March 2019

Troop 315 April Newsletter
This newsletter will remind and update all on camps and outings plus all fees needed as well as, pay by, dates.  Our troop is planning for an exciting summer.  Memorial Day parade, Good Ole Summertime Food Booth, Family picnic and awards ceremony, to the end of summer swimming party.  It’s all here.  These items will be, detail listed, in upcoming newsletters.   All scout accounts are updated so please inquire if you need a breakdown of your son’s account info. 
To my new scouts…  Daniel, Noah, Weston, Cole,  and David.  You guys are in for a great time in scouts.  Just ask anyone in the troop or around our community how active we are.  We are one of the largest troops in Wood county and our North Baltimore program  tells the story.  The troop follows Lord Baden Powell’s “Boy Led Troop” mentality.  You guys decide what we do and adults help deliver the program.  I thank everyone of our families who are involved and am very excited to have every boy who wants to be a scout in the troop.  And.. If you have a friend who might like this kind of fun.  Tell them to check it out.    We are again at 30 boys with the new scouts ,Lets see if we can make that number grow. 
Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge
Starting March 31 thru April.  Mr. Bateson will be teaching E Prep so please plan on attending.  This is an Eagle required merit badge.  and as a reminder.  Only 3 scouts completed Genealogy so get all your work into Tammy Trout to earn the badge. 
Summer Camp June 16 thru 22.  Camp Frontier in Pioneer Ohio
Cost this year is $295.00 if paid by April 28,2018… $315.00 after that.  All early bird paid scouts will also receive a Camp Frontier hat.  Here is a link to the leaders guide..    If you are a parent and would like to go with your son;  Cost is $112.00 and also having Youth Protection completed. Make checks payable to Troop 315
Also Physicals are required for all scouts and adults participating.  Here is the link for that 
A copy of your insurance card is also required with this packet and due by June 1st, 2019
All scouts who filled out their merit badge request form will have first shot at the available slots.  If you haven’t done this yet.  Please get with me before May 1st to ensure you get what you want.
Troop Shoot April 13
Here is a list of scouts and adults who are attending this event.  All slots are full a this time.  Brian Vanlerberg, Frank Boes and Shawn are driving.  We will leave the scouthouse at 8:30am Saturday morning.  We will stop at Stevie B’s after the shoot.  Be back by 1:30pm ish
Jordan Kimmel , Conner Bowling  ,Josh Clayton,Jesse Vanlerberg  ,Noah Vanlerberg, Everett Mowery  ,Skyler Livingston , Isaiah Boyce , Aaron Boes, John Maloney, Zack Trout , Levi Trout , Alex Benjamin
Wood District Spring Camporee April 26-28
Cygnet Ohio, Heavy machinery camp,  Cost $10.00.  There will be a grocery list coming out. We will leave the scout house at 6:30pm Friday.  Pack sleeping bag, mess kits, Class A shirt,  and clothes, pj’s toiletries.  You can buddy up with a scout who has a tent or bring your own. 
Armed Forces Camp  May 16-18
Location Findlay Fairgrounds,  Same prep as above camp plus we cook breakfast for military folks early Saturday morning.  No cost for camp but there is a military flea market.  NOTE TO PARENTS.  there are a lot of weapon type items for sale.  Any scout who buys such items will be held by leaders til parents pick them up Sunday.  This includes Air soft, knives, non functioning guns, swords, etc.  This is a safety procedure . Scouts may watch all shows during the weekend . 
Monsoon Lagoon June 12, Wednesday
I have commitments from the following,  Jackman(6), Benjamin(3), Livingston(3) ,Daniel , Kyle, Conner, Troop 337(6) = 21 of the 30 tickets so far.  Please let me know so we can get them before the sale ends.  Cost $18.00.  IF We miss the deal $40.00.  Also We’re gonna need drivers so parents , let me know if you can take the day off for this event. The entire troop raised their hand when asked who’s going,  Just need parents commitment.  
Sea Base July 2020
Here is a list of who is going .    Frank Boes, Shawn Benjamin, Mr. Livingston, Clayton Heineman, Alex Benjamin, Aaron Boes, Isaiah Boyce, Jesse Vanlerberg, Josh Fennel, Conner Bowling, Wyatt Mowery, Casey Mowery, Skyler Livingston, Alex Trout, Jayden Bucher, Jordan Kimmel.  
Cost for Sea Base is 960.00 per scout / leader
 Plane tickets will be added later but we will look for deals throughout the year for best price
The starting deposit and first payment of $150.00 is due by March 8th,2019.  Mostly all paid Thank You
Second payment of 270.00 is due by September 15, 2019
Third payment of 270.00 is due by January 15,2020
Final Payment of 270.00 is due by April 15,2020
Then only the plane tickets will be the requirements.
Quote from Lord Baden Powell.
“It is the spirit within , Not the veneer without, that makes a man.”
Scoutmaster Shawn Benjamin

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