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Troop 315 August Newsletter

The Good Ole Summertime fest was a huge success,  The troop made $2050.00 profit after expenses.  Thank you to all parents and scouts who helped.  These fundraisers help the troop and the scout accounts.  For our new parents.  All fundraisers that earn more than $250.00 get split in half.  Half troop account and Half Scout accounts.  This allows us to pay for cabins, patches, recharter fees and other scout needs.  The scout accounts allow each scout to earn their share of trips, and uniform needs.  I’ve included pics of Bob Latta stopping by for a brat. 
August 5 Sunday @ 5:00 pm Awards Picnic at Shelter House 3 by Football Field,  Potluck w/ hamburgers and hotdogs.  Wear your class A uniform for the ceremony.  We have a new Senior Patrol Leader to announce as well as new leadership among the patrols. 
August 10-12  Mansfield Reformatory– Includes Crime prevention Merit badge.  We will leave  Scout House at 6:00 pm Friday night.  Cost $10.00.  Bring tents, mess kits, camping supplies and your class A uniform shirt.  We will tour the prison Saturday and then off to the Sheriff’s office for a merit badge.  Here is the menu for the event.
        Friday night   Hot dogs / chips/ cookies
        Saturday Breakfast    Mountain man breakfast
        Saturday Lunch       Cold cut subs / chips / cookies at the reformatory
        Saturday  Supper     Stew
        Sunday Breakfast    doughnuts / juice/ milk
Here is the grocery list thus far.  There are 3 items left sausage, turkey, and tater tots.  Let me know
2 pack 30 ct hot dogs BOYCE
8 packs Hot Dog Buns  BOWLING
3 bags chips asst.VANLERBERG  
3 Packages of off brand sandwich cookies CLAYTON
5 bags tater tots  frozen
1 big family bag cheese fiesta CLAYTON
1 onion BOES
2 bag precooked frozen sausages links or patty
6 paks hamburger buns VANLERBERG
1 lettuce head BOWLING
3 tomatoes BOWLING
2 36 ct cheese slice BOWLING
2 lbs sliced or chipped ham GREEN
2 lbs sliced or chipped turkey
5 packs little Debbie doughnuts MOWERY
5 More packs little Debbie doughnuts MOWERY
eggs  BOES
Milk  BOES
Juice BOES
Stew fixins  BOES
August 18 Saturday, 2:00pm @ American Legion… Damon Dotson Eagle Ceremony… Class A uniforms.  this is the highest rank for scouting.  All are encouraged to attend.
August 20, Monday   5:00pm – 7:00pm .  School Open house.  We set up a recruitment table at Powell along with the Cub Scouts.  Any scout who is attending 5th or 6th grade is asked to wear his Class A and spend some time at our booth after he’s done with Meet & Greet with his teachers. 
September 7-9   Bloomdale recruitment camp in village We have been asked to assist Troop 337 Bloomdale, in an effort to grow their troop.  The Village in inviting youth to participate in this camp.  There is no cost and all food is provided.  There will be an outside movie and we will set up our 1950’s tents and wear our class A’s on Saturday.  Games, scout craft cooking and all sorts of fun to be had that weekend.  Let me know if you can attend


Shawn Benjamin

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