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Troop 315 2019 January Newsletter
It’s a new year upon us.  Let us stop and say thanks to all who contribute and help out each year.  Some of these folks we know and some choose to be a little more incognito.  Here is a list and many thanks to all of them:
North Baltimore Rotary Club , Since 1980 These folks have chosen to charter our troop and finance the utilities as well as leaders and insurance for the troop.  Many thanks to them and Dennis miller for representing them while overseeing our success
American Legion Post 539  for continuing to assist in training, and maintenance of our scout house.  The legion also charters the Cub pack 372 in our town and steps in when needed.  Thank you Sam Bretz and Mike Julien
Armed Forces Association  AKA John Chainey.  This group has bought the troop a new griddle and invites us to help feed the vets annually at the Armed Forced Days in Findlay.  Thank you John
Anonymous donor,  This person chooses not to be mentioned but annually donates to the troop and helped us purchase the new scout trailer a few years back. 
All our parents who help with groceries, transportation, fundraisers,  and adult supervision at our outings.  I can’t say enough about your dedication and commitment to Scouting. 
And finally, the uniformed leaders who commit an hour a week to Scouting.  That part is a joke,  But really step in and help the troop be a troop where our scouts look forward to meetings/outings or the next fundraiser and service project.  This keeps our program strong in North Baltimore and, in itself, says Thank you to all who invest in our troop.
December 29,  Video Game Night $15.00
I will unlock the scouthouse at 2:00 pm for everyone to come and set up their games.  We will leave for skating at 3:00pm.  Cost $15.00 included Pizza Hut After.  Scouts will stay at the scouthouse all night and can be picked up at 8:00am Sunday Morning.  Leaders staying for the overnighter portion are ,  Tim Brown, Joe White, Billy Trout and Frank Boes.   Transportation so for is Tammy Trout(6),  Shawn Benjamin (7),  Tiffany Bowling(3),  Frank Boes (6)  Tim Brown(4) and Billy Trout  if needed (5).   If  a scout doesn’t want to stay all night, We will return from Pizza Hut at 9:15pm Saturday night
January 6  Normal Meeting – Merit Badge
January 11   First Aid Meet  in B.G.  WOOD DISTRICT EVENT – Free
We will leave scouthuose at 6:30pm Friday Night for First Aid Meet in Bowling Green.  Class A uniform   Scouts work with an emergency situation and try to perform the best case first aid method for that emergency. 
January 12  Cub Lock In  WOOD DISTRICT EVENT – Free
We will leave scout house on Saturday night at 8:00pm and go to BGSU field house,  Class B  T-shirt.  Our troop runs Cub stations during the night.  We will return home at 3:45am.  All scouts will be dropped off at home.  Bring snacks .. No meeting that Sunday
January 18 – 20  Klondike Camp at Berry  BLACK SWAMP EVENT   – $10.00
Our troop voted to go to this camporee in Findlay.  We will camp in a cabin so bring a sleeping bag, mess kits, toiletries and normal camping supplies.  We will leave the scouthouse at 6:00pm .  Pack your Class A but dress for outdoor winter fun.  There will be scout craft challenge stations during the day and we cook all our meals as a troop.  Below is a menu and grocery list.  Please email me back an item you can send with your scout
Friday Night   – Cold Cut sandwiches / chips/ juice/ cookies.    Saturday Breakfast – Mountain man / Choco milk…   Lunch  Subs / Chips/cookies/juice….   Supper – Stew/juice… Sunday Breakfast  Doughnuts / Choco milk
and now  – the Grocery List
6 bags chips asst. (BOES)
3 lbs Ham sliced or chipped
3 lbs  turkey sliced or chipped
3 lbs salami sliced thin
8 packs hamburger buns
2 heads lettuce
4 big tomatoes
1 36 ct American cheese
1 36 ct swiss cheese
1 jar mayonnaise
1 bottle mustard
1 bottle ketchup
4 packs asst. sandwich cookies
16 packs same flavor kool aid packets ( scouts like blue)
2 bags sugar
4 big bags of frozen  tater tots
2 onions
3 summer sausages
2 family bags cheese (Monterey, Jack/Cheddar)
3 doz eggs (BOES)
6 Choco milk gal (BOES)
Stew fixins  (BOES)
8  20ct Little Debbie asst. mini doughnuts
February 1 – 3 Winter Camp at Miakonda   $10.00
Annual winter Camporee at Camp Miakonda,  Cabin Camping again and same notes as above only we will have a different grocery list right after Berry Camp. 
Thinking ahead.
At the beginning of each year, I try and stress the upcoming Summer camp costs and payments options.   This year camp will cost $295.00 per scout if paid by May 1st.  $315.00 after.  I’ll need a few days ahead of that to make sure I can get the funds in on time so parents deadline is April 28.    We are going to Camp Frontier in Pioneer Ohio on June 16 thru 22.   Forward think gives all parents time to pre-plan and set funds aside for this troop event and the highlight of all scouts each year.    Parents often choose to use scout accounts,  make payments up to the date, or just pay the full amount by the deadline or even the .. non-early bird amount, after. 
We try and encourage all our troop to participate in the resident camp.  So.. pre-plan accordingly and you will be hearing reminders each month to give all parents to opportunity to get ready for summer.  Physicals and merit badge sign up reminders will start in March.
Calendar for 2019.  Save the Dates  First half of year
11  First Aid Meet
12  Lock in
18-20  Berry Camp
1-3 Camp Miakonda
20  Court of Honor for Scouts
27  Ground Hog Dinner Summer Camp Kickoff
1-3  Camp Alaska
31 Merit Badge Sign up
18-21  Spring Camporee
28  Early Bird Summer Camp fees deadline
17-19 Armed Forces Camp
27 Memorial Day Parade
12 Monsoon Lagoon
6  BSA Physicals deadline for turn in
16 – 22  Summer Camp
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
“Be Prepared… the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise.”