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Troop 315 January 2018 Newsletter

North Baltimore Boy Scout Troop 315 – January 2018 Newsletter

A bit early bit also wanted to detail our video game night December 30, 2017!

Scout house opens at 3:00pm. maybe a bit earlier…

– you may bring game systems, board games, music and cold weather clothes since there is snow.

Depart to Ohio Skate in Maumee at 3:30pm

Skate til 6:30pm then off to Pizza Hut by 7:00pm

Head back to scout house at 8:00ish

Video game lock til 8:00am Sunday morning. – we will start cleaning up at 7:30am

Cost $15.00 for all except drivers. Let me know if you are to use your scout funds. I will collect before we leave

Eagle scout

Aiden Gore has earned the rank of Eagle Scout, as of December 19,2017. Aiden, I am very proud of you and I know your parents are so thrilled of your achievement. Aiden… Don’t be to embarrassed over the pics I’ve included 🙂 Aiden did quite a bit of remodeling to St James United Methodist church, which took a year to complete. Aiden used his leader ship skills as well as carpentry to work with a group to improve certain elements of N.B.’s historic old church. Job well Done Aiden. We look forward to your Eagle Ceremony to celebrate your Highest rank. Aiden also earned a bronze, silver and gold palm for his medal.

Scoutmaster’s minute

Happy New Year to all the scouts and parents. Are you ready for an awesome scouting year, I am ! !. 2017 was awesome with our continued growth in scout membership, active colander of events, fundraising and troop meeting attendance. All scouts earned quite a bit in their accounts so I know summer camp will be easier to afford than in the past. Keep attending these things so mom and dad don’t have to dig too deep into wallets for your active program. Parents. Other than summer camp, we really try hard to have events that are low to no cost but some events such as Go carting can be upwards to $25.00. usually $5.00 – to $10.00 is the norm but you get so much. from that. Here is a list of some new things coming to Troop 315 Calendar

3 options for Summer camps –

Scouts from our troop will have 3 ways to enjoy camp in 2018. 1:) Pioneer Scout reservation from June 17 thru 23 in Pioneer Ohio Cost 287.00 Option 2:) Camp Berry in Findlay July 1st thru 7th. Cost 295.00 Option 3:) 2 weeks of camp, going to both Berry and Pioneer Cost – $582.00 Either way you choose, We can also do a pre payment plan into your accounts to spread out paying for camp. All prices are based on Early bird registration paying on our before May 1st.

Scoutmaster Scholarships for Eagle scouts

A very kind and generous donor wants to re enforce the power of Eagle in our troop. By this we are excited to allow our young , aged out scouts help select an Eagle scout getting ready to attend college to receive a $500.00 college scholarship direct from the troop. All candidates will have become Eagle and age out at 18 that current year, then be recommended by a committee of older scouts who are aged out of youth scouting and are also Eagle scouts. I Shawn Benjamin, Scoutmaster of Troop 315 am humbled by this annual gift, I am able to present to someone each year and will ensure we choose each candidate carefully based on merit and dedication to Boy Scouts in North Baltimore. I also thank people who believe in scouting and do wonderful things like this for our future leaders. We will select our 1st scout to receive this by July of 2018 .

Uniform push

FYI boys, We are one of the few troops who have relaxed rules on uniforms, I understand that we come from a variety of events before troop meetings but to be recognized as scouts by wearing our class A uniform is as Americana as it gets. So.. I encourage all the troop to wear your Class A’s shirt to meetings, Class B blue shirts to activities and fundraisers, Class A full uniforms to all ceremonial and marching events. Full uniform can include Shirt, pants, shorts, sash kneckerchief , socks, hat (Campaign, garrison, beret or ball cap). I may start asking where is your shirt. but also may spring for a pizza party or ice cream thing if we can get this uniform thing into high gear… and keep it there…

2 part Camp Alaska

On the 1st weekend of March, Scouts will go to Camp Berry for a cabin camp weekend but also, A camp Alaska for scout who choose to opt for winter survival nearby in the woods. Younger scouts can attempt the survival camp but by having a cabin nearby can seek help and warmth if needed. Camp Alaska is one of the hardest camps due to the challenges of cold weather camping. With all our new scouts, I felt having a duo opportunity, We can show scouts how to survive in arctic conditions We have done this a few years back and felt it a good time due to number of crossovers this year.

Return to Mansfield reformatory

Last weekend of July will be our trip to the Mansfield Reformatory prison and camp at nearby camp site. Scouts and parents alike love going here to tour the old prison. It’s a self paced tour . cost is about $10.00 for the weekend

January 12 First Aid Meet

Troop 315 will participate in a First Aid meet being help by Wood District in B.G. Meet starts a 7:00pm We will leave scout house at 6:30pm. Scout will return home by 9:00 – 9:30pm that evening. We will stop at Mc D’s for supper after the event so make sure your scout has a couple bucks for that. No cost for the meet

January 13 Cub Lock In

Our troop volunteers to run a station for the Wood District Cub Lock in. We are in charge of human hamster balls this year. The event will run from 8:00pm to 2:30am. I will drop off each scout at home after the lock in. I will be at scout house at 7:00pm to pick up scouts to go to Field house at BGSU. We are fed but scouts are encouraged to bring snacks and drink . They are still hungry after the slice of pizza and small nachos.

February 2-4 Winter camporee

Troop 315 will go to Camp Miakonda for their annual Winter camporee. Sled races, and other winter activities are scheduled including music and root beer at the end. Cost is $10.00. We will cook 3 meals and set up menu in upcoming meetings. We will leave scout house Friday at 6:30pm and return Sunday around 10:00am

February 19th Court of Honor

Scouts who earned merit badges and ranked up will recieve their badges on Sunday February 19th..5:00pm at American Legion Hall. I’d like to ask a parent to help make shredded chicken sandwiches but also open it up for a potluck supper . Troop will provide table service.

Baden Powell Quote

“There is no teaching to compare with example.”

Actions always speak louder than words… and your attitude is contagious. Baden-Powell also said, “show me a poorly unifomed troop, and I’ll show your a poorly uniformed leader.” Remember that the way you present and conduct yourself will be reflected by your Scouts

I felt this fitting based on my uniform segment.

Shawn Benjamin


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