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Troop 315 March Newsletter

Scoutmaster Minute
I am happy to be back after a few months of family matters. To get everyone back on track for our troop, we will need to plan a committee meeting this month. If Wednesday March 20th at 7:00pm works for everyone on the committee . Then we shall plan for that date. Let me know either way.

I do need to thank all the leaders who stepped up . Tim Brown, Frank Boes, Joe White for running the meetings keeping our scouts excited . The charter has been returned so I will have new membership cards for the scouts at the next meeting.

A note on membership cards. The National scouting office has decided that this year will be the last year they will issued individual scout member ship cards. However; as a troop I will make sure our scouts continue to have these cards and make them in house.

A story to go with the membership cards. Over the years citizens of North Baltimore would find random lost and found items around town, including scout wallets. these folks would come into my computer shop and say, “I believe you may know this young man.” When I opened the wallet I find. Boy Scout membership cards, Totin Chit and Fireman Chit cards so.. as a Scout master, I realize how important scouting is to our boys not to mention the smile I get knowing a scout values these things – along with the 53 odd cents in it as well .

Summer camp details

Fees for 2019 Early bird, in council scout camp is $295.00 . Here is the link from Camp frontier https://www.psrweb.org/ Feel free to look at all summer camp has to offer. I inform all parents after the first of the year so you have the option of spreading the cost over time til the deadline of April 29.. Scouts can use any and all their accounts for this .

For parents to look at.

Camp Frontier 2019 leaders guide; https://www.psrweb.org/LeaderGuidede link:
In preparation for camp , scouts will need an annual BSA physical, BSA part A,B,C must be completed annually for scout to participate in camps of 72 hrs or longer :: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_ABC.pdf. These are due by June 1st,2019 and can be included in any checkup, sports physical, but must be signed by physician. We keep them with us for all scouting events.

Scout Accounts

Please email me to inquire on balance in your sons’ account
Karate class opportunity

Karate class is now happening for interested scouts. Monday night , we leave North Baltimore at 4:45 to trek to Ottowa for karate. Anyone interested, please let me know.

March 1-3 Camp Alaska

All the prepping you have been doing at the meetings, you will be tested in this 24 hour survival camp. I hope you all have been paying attention about; What to Bring, What to wear, What to eat, and How to make a Shelter, Start a fire, Handle core body temp. We will start off in the cabin at Camp Berry, Supper will be Pizza from Little Ceaser’s and Hot cakes and Sausage for Breakfast Saturday morning. Then… Your on your own for 24 hrs. Good Luck!

March 3 Blue and Gold

Full Class A uniform. Meet at the American Legion . Ceremony starts at 6:00pm. We will be welcoming new scouts into our troop.

March 8 Sea Base first payment due

All scouts who were interested in the Sea Base trip in 2020. The first $150.00 deposit is due by March 8. Please make checks payable to troop 315. Frank Boes and myself will be participating in this scout outing. So far. Jordan K., Aaron B., Josh F.,Skyler L.,Clayton H. Wyatt M. Casey M. Jesse V. Alex B.,Conner B. Frank B, Shawn B, & Skyler’s dad have all said they want to go. We still have 3 more spots so let me know . If those spots don’t get filled by us. We will open it up to the district and council so please let us know ASAP.

March 9 Service hours

The Library needs help setting up chairs on Saturday morning at 8:30am. any scout who want to help out, show up and wait for directions. It won’t take long.

March 10 Flag Ceremony

We will need 4 – 6 scouts to participate in the flag raising ceremony for the Public Library celebration. Full Class A uniform

2 Merit Badges being offered in March and May


Tammy Trout is offering this elective merit badge in March on 10th and 24th at the scout meetings. It will take 2 to 3 meetings to complete.

Emergency Preparedness

This is an eagle required merit badge offered by Larry Bateson in April. Due to Easter Sunday and the Camporee in April in may run into May.

To earn either of these merit badges the counselor must sing off “COMPLETE” on your blue cards.

Troop Shoot April 13

Link http://www.blackswampbsa.org/event/2457484

I was able to aquire 8 spots for scouts to attend Camp Berry’s troop shoot on April 13 from 9 to 12. Scouts will be able to shoot Shotgun, Rifle and Archery. Email me to grab a spot. Its first come first serve due to open spots. We will go to Stevie B’s for lunch after words, so although eh shoot is free, send scouts with $7.00 for lunch

Quote from Lord Baden Powell
“In all of this, it is the spirit that matters. Our Scout law and Promise, when we really put them into practice, take away all occasion for wars and strife among nations.”