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Troop 315 Newsletter – June 2018

Troop 315 Newsletter June 2018

Eagles of Class of 2018.

When you look at North Baltimore and see all the positive’s, what our community stands for, values and goals; having 6 Eagle scouts in the Graduation class of 2018 speaks well for our community. These young men helped me Troop 315 into what it is today.

Noah Pelton – Noah has broken a Troop 315 record for most merit badges , having exceeded 70 +. He reminds us that he passed his Grandpa, Mike Julien a few years a go and wanted to keep going. Noah Built the 2 brick columns at the entrance of the New Maplewood Cemetery for his project and continued his youth scout career right to the end. showing up to his last scout meeting in early may as a youth.

Billy Trout Billy built a gazebo for the Wood County Fair board a few years back and also devoted his entire youth life to scouting. You know when your scouts really love what they do when you receive their graduation invitation and the pics of Billy in his Full Class A uniform and Eagle medals. Yes Noah had his on too for his invites.

Noah Hetrick Noah and his father Tony also committed to scouting since his cub days. many camps and merit badges, a learning curve for all of us and both the Hetricks were there to help me along. Noah. built the disc golf coarse 2 years ago at the Village park. I’ve seen quite a few people enjoying this addition to our community.

Damon Dotson Damon, I’ve know this kid since he was 8 years old. We both would go to karate class weekly and evolved in the scout life he knows. Damon took many roles but being quartermaster helped our troop keep our belonging in check. camp supplies, cots, troop memorabilia etc. Gotta give credit here. He would show up and purge the inventory to get everything organized. Damon. built the gun range bunker for our NBPD. a lot of hours went into this as well as weather issues and funding delays, but. He pushed through and we now have a place for the police to practice .

Aiden Gore Aiden could have been dubbed Mr. Baden Powel. He would get involved with scout craft, lashings, nature or just climbing a tree, only to be caught by camp staff. People know him as quiet but as his scoutmaster, We’ve seen a side a Aiden that could trump that thinking. Aiden’s Eagle project involved a remodel of areas at his church, St. James. . This took some time as the remodel involved, insulation, drywall, wood craft painting, etc.

Kyle Gerdeman. Kyle is my 23.364 kid. A real leader but held off getting all of his project done til the last weekend of his 17th year on earth. Kyle is an amazing kid. He ran the troop as SPL for 2 years and allowed us to win camp games at summer camp in 2017. Kyle’s Eagle Project was to replace the water pollution sign at the edge of town along with new landscaping. His brother Cody is also an Eagle scout and am very proud of their accomplishments

Monsoon Lagoon June 13

Wednesday. My list so far is Corey J., Chris J., Skyler L. Zack L. Everett M. , Casey M., Jackson H., Jeremiah H. Aaron B., Clayton H. Trystin B., Kyle G., Josh C., Jordan C. Alex T. , Zack T., Jesse V., Jaden B.,Mitchell , Levi T., Billy T.Conner B., Gerdeman, Patti, Frank – driver(6), Shawn – driver(9), Tammy- driver(6) Tina and daughter – driver(4)

All the tickets are used so if anyone still wants to go I don’t have on the list, let me know and we can check on current pricing.

We will meet at the scout house at 9:00am Wednesday morning, Have swim trunks, towel, Money for ticket and Mc d’s. Pack a sack lunch for during the day. We will return home at 8:00pm ish

June 17 – 23 Summer Camp at PSR

We leave at 10:00am Sunday Morning, Pack 7 days of clothes, Wear class shirt for travel, mess kits, toiletries, scout handbook, Totin chit, etc. please make sure you have a cup and utensils, Scouts seem to be missing these items and we will not have paper plates for the week.

July 1 – 7 Summer Camp at Camp Berry

you will not need your mess kits but do make sure you have a water bottle for either camp to stay hydrated. Same list as above

July 15 Eagle Ceremony for Damon Dotson

Please make sure you attend his Eagle Ceremony. Location. American Legion, Time 2:00pm Sunday. Full Class A uniform

July 22 Troop Elections

We will start troop elections. Boy Led Troop allows the boys to vote on who will be SPL, ASPL, PL, APL, and other offices. This will take 2 meetings

July 28 Good Ole Summertime Food Booth

We will have a sign up list for parents and scouts to work the booth on GOST Saturday. Please allow time for this event, It is a fundraiser and requires all our resources to make it a success. I’ll have more details in the July Newsletter

Summer Calander

There will be troop meetings on June 3 and 10, There won’t be any meetings until July 23 due to camps and Eagle Court of Honor for Damon Dotson. Here is the current list of events. There are 2 parking lot dutties but don’t have times yet for those.

July 22 , 29 Troop Elections

July 28 GOST Fundraiser

August 5 Family Picnic and Awards/ Merit Badges

August 11 – 12 Mansfield Reformatory Camp

August 13 Open house Scout booth at Powell

September 28-30 Luckey Fest Fundraiser

October 5 – 7 Camperall at PSR

Quote From Baden Powell

“In all of this, it is the spirit that matters. Our Scout law and Promise, when we really put them into practice, take away all occasion for wars and strife among nations.”

Shawn Benjamin

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