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Troop 315 September Newsletter

Troop 315 September newsletter
The troop PLC  Patrol Leaders Committee has come up with a calendar for this year , as listed below,  One thing to stand out is a overwhelming request, is to go white water rafting again in 2022,  So..  That’s what we’re doing.  Judging from Isaiah’s look of excitement,  They all had a good time.    
September 24  Homecoming Parade
Yes on the same day as Luckey fest.. So..  Anyone not scheduled for Friday and not in Band and not in Football,  Line up at Powell in Class A uniform 5:30pm.  
Luckey fest September 24-26
Similar to Good Ole Summertime.  We work in shifts, however they are a bit longer with plenty of time to step out and see the festival.  Please sign up your family for any of the shifts below.  We could use 3 – 4 families per shift
5:00pm to close  9:30pm ish
7am to 2:30pm    & 2:00pm to 9:30pm
7am to 2:30pm    & 11:00pm to 5:00pm
Note we overlap on  Sunday to get all of it cleaned up
Scout accounts updated as of August 29.  The scouts have been busy 
Daniel 136.00  :   Aaron 258.00  :  Isaiah  211.00  :  Noah V. 201.00  :  Levi V. 165.00  :  Jordan 67.50
Kyle G. 203.00  :  Rhys 20.50  :  Kayden 99.00  :  Jayden 97.50  :  Skyler 245.00  :  Zack L. 97.50
Boden 251.50  :  Joe 209.00  :  Jesse  222.40  :  Cole 245.00  :  Josh F. 91.50
all others at 0 so lets get em busy. 
October 3  Meat Stick fundraiser
Boden and Joe’s parents are handling this years meat stick fundraiser.  We will hand out forms at the meeting that day.  
Apple Butter fest October 10
This will require adult help and all scouts under 13 will need a parent to be able to volunteer.   We will leave the scouthouse at 6:30am and have to be at the parking lots by 7:00am.  til 4pm.  Scouts earn 100% of fundraiser on this one and required to collect parking fees and park cars during the festival.  We have 2 lots and need minimum 6 parents to participate.  3 at each lot with scouts.  
Soccer tournament  October 10
I’m waiting on confirmation in this and Tammy Trout said she would handle this one .  again waiting on their planning committee .  
October 13 Troop Committee meeting
7:00pm at scout house,  All committee are invited to meet and discuss troop agenda.  We will outline all topics in October from finance, calendar, fundraising,  and other topics.  If interested in joining our committee, Please attend or let me know .  
Calendar of events for upcoming program year
 24-26 Luckey Fest
Sun 3 Start Meat Stick Fundraiser
Sun 10 Apple Butter Parking
Wed 13 Troop committee
Sun 17 Corn Maze
Sat 23 Scouting for Food
Sat 30 Halloween Parade
Sundays in Nov. Citizenship Merit Badges 7th, 14th,21st
Sat 20 Henry Ford Museum Trip
Sun 28 Bowling Party
1st 2 Sundays in Dec Citizenship Merit Badge
Sun 12 Camp Alaska Training
Sun 19 Scout Christmas Party
Sat/Sun 1 Video Game Night w Laser Tag
Sun 9 Camp Alaska Training
Sat / Sun 15 Camp Alaska at Doc Roberts
Fri – Sun 4-6 Winter Klondike at Miakonda
Wed 16 Scout Court of Honor at Theater
Sat 26 Camp Alaska at Nixons
Sat / Sun 19 Camp Alaska ??
Fri 15-17   Penta Career Camp
Fri 20-22 Armed Forces Camp
Sat  11  Mansfield Reformatory day trip
Wed 16 Monsoon Lagoon $$ pending
Sun – Sat 19-25 Summer Camp
Sun 10 & 17 Elections
 Sun 24 Awards Picnic
Sat 30 GOST Fundraiser
Thu-Sat 4-6 White Water Rafting
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
“The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.”

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