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September 30, 2023 10:07 am

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UPDATE from the Publisher – Nov. 2

Hello Readers, we are grateful that you are taking a moment out of your busy lives to visit our site!

This update addresses a very major change that has happened with It is a very good change! But, it is something that we are all going to need to get used to dealing with.

For those who visit our site a couple of times per day, everyday, you see the “progress”, the changes and the moves, regularly, sometimes in real time. For those who visit our site every couple of days, or weekly, you sorta notice that something is up and that some things might not be located where they used to be, or something doesn’t work the way it had previously. Or, better yet, you find the is something NEW!

At the same time, you gotta be wondering, where is the usual multitude of “fresh” content (stories, photos, etc.)? Where are the results to this or the photos of that… Where did all of the “old” news go???

First off, we believe that all of that “old news”, except the 21 months we lost in 2012 – 13, when we had our first major hacker attack, will be available to us and hopefully we will be able to make it easily available to you. That remains to be seen as we work to move our data base off of the old systems servers and onto Bluehost. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself:

We have been using the same software (CMS) and have had it housed on the same servers since 2010. The system served it’s purpose for a couple of years, helping us (my wife Sue and I) to make something out of nothing, in that we started “” website from scratch, after I got laid off from my construction industry job in 2009 (that is a whole ‘nother story, or two).

The CMS (Content Management System) has had several issues with security, the operation and readability (responsiveness). We have had several folksĀ tell us that we needed to do something to: a.) protect ourselves and the content from the nastiness that is prevalent with hackers on the internet; b.) get something that is responsive (meaning it operates properly with ALL digital devices) and c.) I know there was a “c”, but it slipped my mind as I was proofing above…

Anyway, we have switched to WordPress, and I think it is going to be awesome for what we are trying to do (that is ‘nother story or two, as well). This means that we are learning new software and processes. We are also working on NEW functions, like the NBX Calendar of Events above. We are in the process of populating the events calendar with the items that we know of, and we hope to make it easy for your club, group or organization to let NBX know what is going on.

Another new benefit that we hope to offer you, our readers/viewers, is a more seamless way to interact with and post comments on our site. But it takes time and some money.

Oh, and speaking of money, being that we are FREE for you to read (at least for now and probably forever), we must sell advertising, design ads and get sponsorship’s! We do this work ourselves as well. It takes much time and much effort to cover stuff and the creating of stories, processing the photos and finally posting the content on the site, along with trying to have a life of our own.

So dear readers/viewers, please continue to bear with us, as the adventure of the TheNBXpress continues. We must be doing something right, because we have over 6,000 unique and different readers, from all over the world, visit our site every month! And in Northwest Ohio, we are truly blessed and amazed at the number of folks who frequent our site in any given month. Now, all that we ask of YOU, our readers/viewers, that that you try to support our advertisers, visit their stores, offices, buy their products/service AND tell them that you saw in on!

Much more to come!

Thank you and we are really looking forward to the next five year of this operation!

Jeff “JP” Miklovic

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