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March 27, 2023 6:52 am

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UPDATED – Gleaner Arbor visits Dawn’s Flower Shop

On Saturday March 21, the North Baltimore Gleaner Arbor visited Dawn’s Flower Shop at 118 S. Main Street North Baltimore.
Dawn, a former classmate of Elaine & Jamie shared her journey to become an owner of her own florist shop even though she thought she would be a veterinarian after high school.  God had other plans!
We learned that most of her flowers come from Columbia South America or Canada.  She shared that a variety of roses now come without thorns, like a watermelon without seeds.  This process requires laboratory testing to determine how to create such a hybrid (flower).
Dawn shared about her desire to maintain a certain profit margin, regardless of the time of year (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Prom); she wants to treat her customers fairly.  She shared a story about a child bringing in their change to buy a flower for their mother and how she informed the child that they could buy a couple of flowers, even though she knew they didn’t have enough money.
Dawn’s goal is to serve the community she grew up in and preserve it for generations to come. Gleaner appreciated the hour they spent learning about the flower shop and wish to thank Dawn for the time she spent with them.
Gleaner 1 Elaine_Dawn_Jamie
Elaine (Hall) Swope, Dawn (Williams) Trout, and Jamie (Orwick) Cunningham – all 1984 graduates of NBHS)
After the tour the group met for a short business meeting at McDonalds.  During the meeting Eric Trout, Scout Master for the NB Cub Scouts, recognized the organization for their sponsorship and help during the Pinewood Derby in February.
Gleaner 2 Elijah_Courtney_Russ
Elijah Cunningham, Courtney VanHorn and Russ Cunningham

One Response

  1. I have given and been given many arrangements from Dawn’s Flower Shop. Dawn’s creations are always beautiful and the fact that she is in town has been a true blessing on more than one “short notice” occasion. Thank you, Dawn, for all that you do for those of us who couldn’t pick and arrange flowers if our lives depended on it.

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