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US EPA Assessment says Fracturing Safe for Water Resources

U.S. Rep. Robert E. Latta Statement on EPA Draft Assessment on Hydraulic Fracturing and Potential Impact on Drinking Water Resources

“Today, the U.S. EPA released their long anticipated draft assessment on the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing to ground water resources. The study confirms what years of research and sound science have told us: hydraulic fracturing is a proven technique being utilized safely and effectively across the country, and its use as a well stimulation technique has effectively turned the United States into the world’s leading energy producer.

The continued development of our natural resources in various formations across the country has been a driving force in our economy, and moved America towards the energy security that has been the goal of every administration since President Nixon. This study further mitigates any concerns about hydraulic fracturing’s potential impacts to ground water, and will allow us to continue development under the robust regulatory oversight of the developing states.”  – Congressman Robert E. Latta (OH-05)

2 thoughts on “US EPA Assessment says Fracturing Safe for Water Resources”

  1. The article doesn’t state how long the study was therefore its hearsay. How many years 1 2 3 5 20 ? Politicians are so corrupt they will say anything when their palm is greased.

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