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Village Administrator Report – April 18

Allyson Murray, Village Administrator
April 18, 2017
Village Administrator Report

1. Meeting Review

• April 1 – Village Park Opens for the 2017 Season
• April 3 – Safety Forces Seminar @ Owens in Toledo 8:00am-2:00pm
• April 4 – Wood County Child Abuse Awareness Display @ Reservoir
• April 4 – NB Village Council Meeting at Village Hall @ 7:00pm
• April 7 – Ohio Sunshine Law Training at Owens in Toledo 8:30-12:30
• April 10 – Garden Club Meeting at NB Library 6:00pm
• April 11- NB Committee of the Whole Meeting, Village Hall @ 5:30pm
• April 13 – Bicycle Helmet Grant Pick-Up in Columbus between 10:00am-4:00pm

2. Upcoming Meetings:

• April 17 – Wood County Park District Meeting on Annual Grant 7:00pm Perrysburg
• April 18 – NB Village Council Meeting, Village Hall @ 7:00pm
• April 19 – NB Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner @ 6pm American Legion
• April 20 – Wood County Land Use Plan Adoption @ BG Courthouse 9:30am
• April 20 – NB Rotary Fundraiser @ McDonalds 5:00-8:00pm
• April 25 – NB Planning Commission Meeting @ 5:30pm at Village Hall
• April 27 – TIP Funds (TMACOG) Monitoring Meeting 3:45pm ODOT office in BG
• April 27 – Wood County Park District Meeting on Annual Grant 7:00pm Perrysburg
• May 2 – NB Village Council Meeting, Village Hall @ 7:00pm
• May 3 – Tree City USA Awards Banquet @ Lakeside Danbury 9:00am-3:00pm
3. Main Street Corridor –Buckeye Excavating has been in town working on the waterline replacement since Monday March 20. We apologize for any inconvenience but once again this project finally taking place is very exciting for the village. The council has worked on revitalizing downtown for more than a decade and to finally see progress is a giant step in the right direction. We are very happy we are able to replace the original 1890s waterline with a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission. Buckeye Excavating did experience two water issues the week of April 10th and water was down for some residents and businesses for approximately an hour.

These issues involved equipment hitting lines that were not on any maps or drawings that were in existence. It is important to remember that these lines and tie-ins have been around since the late 1800s and we could find virtually anything when we dig. This is just another reason why the village is so fortunate to be able to replace this section of waterline with grant funds from Ohio Public Works Commission.

4. Job Creation Grant – Continental Structural Plastics has submitted an application for the village job creation grant that council passed just before Christmas. The legislation on the agenda is for the third and final reading at the council meeting 4/18/17. The ordinance provides for a 50% refund of payroll tax paid by CSP each year for 3 three years and requires them to keep said payroll here in North Baltimore for 5 additional years beyond the refund period. The monies that are being refunded for the 3 year term will be used by CSP to develop and train their workforce.
5. Residents Upset at Eagle Landing – Earlier this week our office was forwarded an email from an angry citizen who claimed that Village Council had recently passed an ordinance that would allow changes in the by-laws or deed restrictions in place at Eagle Landing. At no time have I ever even had a discussion with anyone from Eagle Landing and certainly we have not as a council acted on any legislation concerning Eagle Landing. The issues this citizen raised in his email were not anything that the North Baltimore Council would regulate, rather it appeared to be changes to the by-laws or deed restrictions that Eagle Landing ownership and residents agree too and abide by. More information will be presented at the council meeting on this issue.
6. Wood County Park Grant Meeting– The Village received notice that the 2017 applications for the Wood County Park District Grant would be available by attending one of two meetings being held on Monday April 17, 2017 at 7:00pm in Bowling Green or Thursday April 27, 2017 at 7:00pm in Perrysburg. The only way a municipality can obtain the grant application is by attending one of these meetings. The application asks for 3 proposed projects with varying cost estimates. We are working on our three projects and will present these to council for approval prior to the grant due date.
7. Cemetery Information Documents – Mayor Goldner has been hard at work updating the Village Cemetery Rules & Regulations Information Booklet. Thanks to her efforts this information will be available online and a new booklet will be printed for use with the public. There are currently three village ordinances in place that regulate the cemeteries and these will need to be either amended or stricken and replaced. More information will be presented at the council meeting.

8. Village Ballfields – The Village has been working with NB High School to assure baseball and softball games can be played here in North Baltimore. We have had our public works department out mowing and spraying the fields as well as working with the water department to ensure the water service for the concession stands and restrooms was turned on well ahead of the May 1, 2017 turn on date. We will (as always) continue to work with the school on these matters.
9. Kuhlman Resolution – Since we have really appreciated working with our new legal counsel, Mr. Joel Kuhlman and want to keep working with him we need to pass a resolution to that fact. In all the excitement before Christmas with former legal counsel Chet Marcin retiring it was simply overlooked that while we approved Mr. Kuhlman’s hiring by motion, the council did not pass a resolution. Therefore, a resolution will be presented at the council meeting 4/18/17 to name Joel Kuhlman as appointed legal counsel for the Village of North Baltimore.

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