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Village Administrator Report – April 21

Donna Dettling, North Baltimore Village Administrator – April 21, 2015

Village Administrator Report 

1.     Meeting Review

·       March 31st– Benefit Strategies re: Review Health Insurance Provisions

·       April 1st – Local Government Officials Conference

·       April 2nd– Local Government Officials Conference

·       April 6th – Dave King re: Review Street Vacation Request

·       April 15th – Meet with PNC Bank Representative re: Bank Services Pricing

·       April 16th – Public Safety Work Session

·       April 16th – USDA Review CF Loan/Grant Application for Meter Project 

2.     Upcoming Meetings:

·       April 20th – First Federal Bank re: Bank Services Pricing

·       April 20th – BG Economic Development Lunch

·       April 23rd– TMACOG review funding source opportunities

·       April 23rd– Board of Zoning Appeals

·       April 24th – Tentative Southwood Corridor Ec.Dev. Meeting

·       April 24th–  Kathy Kolanko DW&Associates Park Equipment Representative

·       April 28th – Planning Commission

·       April 29th – Tree City Award Program

·       April 29th – NBACC Annual Dinner

·       April 30th – Mock Crash Event

·       May 5th – CDBG Project Prioritization Meeting 

3.     Compensation Plan Overview.  Chris and I are working on a Compensation Plan Overview and we will have something ready for Council review at the next COTW meeting, May 12, 2015.

4.     Municipal Building Roof Update.  A thorough update on the municipal roof and stand-alone communication tower is being completed and will be provided at the May COTW meeting. 

5.     USDA Community Facilities “CF” Loan/Grant Update.  Attached is the award notice for the CF Funding for two vehicles, which includes a 28.5% Grant in the amount of $17,800.  The paperwork to complete the Loan/Grant has not been received as of the writing of this report.  Andy Sterling requested copies of the vehicle invoices be submitted with the final paperwork.

Chris Kirk and I are discussing options for repayment; for example make two installments to pay back the loan; an amended appropriation ordinance for the 2015 budget to cover the first payment and the final payment would be included in the 2016 Appropriation Ordinance.  A recommendation will be forthcoming along with the necessary ordinance for Council approval.

Requested Motion:  Authorize the Village Administrator to finalize the Loan/Grant Agreement for the CF Loan/Grant Program to purchase a Patrol Vehicle and an EMS Vehicle.

Donna Dettling, North Baltimore Village Administrator – 1-419-257-2394

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