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Village Administrator Report – April 3

VILLAGE OF NORTH BALTIMORE – April 3, 2018 – Village Administrator Report

Allyson Murray, Village Administrator

1. Meeting Review

• Mar 22 – Wood County Hazard Mitigation Meeting @ 1:00pm Village Hall
• Mar 22 – North Baltimore Rotary Fundraiser at NB McDonald’s 5:00-8:00pm
• Mar 22 – Wood County Economic Development Annual Dinner @ Hilton Levis Commons 6:00pm
• Mar 26 – Meeting with Poggemeyer on Downtown Streetscape @ 11:15 in BG
• Mar 26 – North Baltimore Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting @ Village Hall 5:30pm
• Mar 27 – Meeting on Economic Development @ Village Hall at 5:30pm
• Mar 28 – North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce Meeting @ McDonalds noon
• Mar 30 – Meeting with CES Engineering at Village Office at 9:30am

2. Upcoming Meetings:

• Apr 2 – Meeting with Lee Rausch of Poggemeyer at Village Office at 10:00am
• Apr 3 – Village Council Meeting at 5:30pm at Village Hall
• Apr 10 – Committee of the Whole Meeting at Village Hall @ 5:30pm
• Apr 10 – Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Public Meeting # 3 Village Hall @ 7pm
• Apr 17 – Village Council Meeting at 5:30pm at Village Hall
• Apr 17 – RCAP Training Seminar in Alliance Ohio 8:00am-4:00pm
• Apr 18 – Tree City USA Awards Luncheon in Upper Sandusky Ohio 9:00-3:00
• Apr 18 – RCAP Training Seminar in Alliance Ohio 8:00am-4:00pm
• Apr 23 – Pesticide Exam for DPW Workers OSU Extension in BG 1:00pm
• Apr 25 – North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner @ Legion 6pm
• Apr 30 – Wood County Opioid Crisis Awareness Program 8:00am-3:00pm Maumee

3. Neighborhood Revitalization Grant– The next Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Meeting will be held on Tuesday April 10, 2018 at 7:00pm at Village Hall. Lee Rausch an engineer from Poggemeyer will be facilitating this meeting and talking about some of the projects we would like to see take place should we receive the grant. Stop up and let your voice & opinions be heard!


4. Village Park Open for Season- The Village Park opened for the season on April 1, 2018 and the restrooms, drinking fountains and concession stands have been opened and the water is ON. We are hoping that temperatures do not drop below freezing so that we do not have problems with freezing pipes and broken lines.

5. Sand Volleyball Court – the Department of Public Works currently is working to rehabilitate the Sand Volleyball Court at Village Park. We have a league that is possibly interested in playing here in North Baltimore and it has been several years since there has been any interest in this facility. We are tilling the ground, adding new sand and purchasing a new net.

6. Little League Concession Stand Update- The Village was awarded a CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) to update the little league concession stand/restroom to make it ADA accessible. This project is being finished up as I type this report and thus the village will now be able to accommodate all visitors to our park. It is a wonderful addition to our park system to be able to make our facilities inclusive for all users.

7. Brush Pick Up – Monday April 2, 2018 will be the first official day of the Village Brush Pick Up. Brush pick up will take place;

• First 2 weeks of April (April 2-6, April 9-13)
• First full week of May (May 7- May 11)
• First Monday of each Month (June – November)

Please keep in mind… The North Baltimore Brush Pick-Up Program is for weather related and trimmed brush, from a North Baltimore resident’s property only. Brush from a contracted tree removal/trimming project on a resident’s property will be the responsibility of the property owner. Please include removal and clean up in your contract. It is unfair to ask the tax payers of the Village to cover this cost.

To better serve all residents, brush piles that are particularly large and require more than 1 hour to remove will be partially removed, allowing time for brush to be picked up at other residences.
Street Dept. staff will revisit large piles for complete removal. To help us plan ahead for large brush pile removal, contact the Village Office to provide the location.

Please remember the village will only pick up piles that measure a maximum of 6×6 feet, larger piles should be referred to a contractor.

This is a curbside pickup of brush up to 6” in diameter. Piles must be neatly stacked with cut ends curb side, with no lawn waste, poison ivy or thorns and placed out by 7:00 a.m. on
pickup days.

8. Tree City USA -The Village has once again been awarded a Tree City USA designation for 2018. This is the 23rd year the village has achieved this honor and the Mayor and members of the Tree Commission will be attending the awards ceremony in Upper Sandusky on April 18, 2018.

9. Village Tree Commission – The Village Tree Commission has approved the hazard tree list for this year and it is currently out for bid. Advertising for bids began March 23, 2018 and bids will be opened on Friday April 13, 2018 at 11:00am at Village Hall.

10. ODOT Request – The Village has reached out to ODOT requesting a meeting to provide us with more information concerning the proposed ODOT outpost facility on old 25 just southeast of the village. North Baltimore will be supplying the water to this facility and as such we need to meet with ODOT to make sure we are all on the same page. We will keep council updated on our progress.

11. Board of Zoning Appeals Recommendation – Village Council was informed at their March 20, 2018 meeting that a citizen residing at 428 W. State Street in the village wished to file for a variance from zoning code on their garage which had been rebuilt after a fire. The garage was rebuilt in the exact same location as it had been located prior to the fire (house was built in 1940s). The issue was the garage before and after the fire was built in the village right of way. The North Baltimore Village Board of Zoning Appeals met on Monday March 26, 2018 to hear this issue and render a decision regarding the granting of a variance for the garage at 428 W. State St. The BZA voted 5-0 to approve the variance of Chapter 901.14 Construction in Utility Easements Prohibited of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of North Baltimore, Ohio. I am requesting council to accept the variance that was approved by the BZA (all documentation is in the council packet) and will need a motion to that effect.

Proposed Motion; To accept the recommendation of the Board of Zoning Appeals and also approve the variance for 428 W. State Street, allowing the garage located within village right of way to remain in the same location.

12. Asset Management Plan – The Village will be working with CES on the Asset Management Plan required by the state for all municipalities with a water system. Our initial meeting with engineer Dan Thornton took place on Thursday March 29. This process will be looking at every essential piece of equipment in our water system and evaluating it and assigning a life expectancy date to it. We will begin with the pumps at the reservoirs and work our way through our system to water plant and then out into the distribution lines. The inventory and life expectancy are the crucial information needed in the Asset Management Plan and once that is completed we will move toward GIS coordinates of the water system.

13. Hiring of Part Time Police Officers – The Police Chief is recommending the hiring of two part time police officers. Included in the council packet are the F19a forms to hire Mr. Jered Miller and Mr. Ryan LeRoux. In order to keep part time officers hours under 30 we are requesting the hiring of these two individuals.

Proposed Motion; To authorize the hiring of Jered Miller and Ryan LeRoux as part time police officers at the rate of $12.00 per hour effective April 4, 2018.

14. Mosquito/Weed Spray – The village sent three employees to the class on March 19 to prepare for the test to hold the Mosquito and Weed Spraying license. These three employees are registered to sit for the spraying exam on Monday April 23 at 1pm at OSU Extension Office in BG. Council suggested a policy be created in regard to the Mosquito/Weed Spraying license and a copy of such policy will be discussed at the COTW meeting on Tuesday April 10, 2018.

15. Village Zoning – With the weather hopefully warming up, it’s that time of year again when village residents want to get out and complete their outside projects. While we love seeing the amazing improvements our citizens are making to their properties we want to remind residents that there are zoning codes in the Village of North Baltimore and that any outside project needs to have a zoning permit prior to beginning construction.

Please read below for an outline of the Village of North Baltimore zoning permit procedures;


1. The Village of North Baltimore requires citizens to obtain a zoning permit when they are completing projects outside of their homes. These projects include; swimming pools, decks, trellis, terraces, driveways, sidewalks, sheds, fences, building additions, accessory buildings, porches, etc.

2. The Village of North Baltimore requires citizens to fill out an application for a zoning permit and submit the application, along with a sketch of the proposed project to the zoning inspector at the village office between 8:00am-4:30pm M-F.

3. Once the application is submitted to the village office, the village zoning inspector and staff will visit the proposed project site to ascertain if the proposed project is allowable within the village zoning code and to ensure the proposed project will not interfere with village utility easements or right of ways.

4. The zoning inspector shall, within twenty days after receipt of the application, approve or deny the application in conformance with the provisions of this zoning code (Chapter 1107.02 (3) of Codified Ordinances of the Village of North Baltimore, Ohio). In most cases the zoning inspector will approve or deny the application with 5-7 business days.

5. If application is approved a zoning permit will be issued and applicant will be notified by the village office that the permit is ready for pick up and the citizen can pay for the permit at the time of pick up. The village accepts cash or checks only, no credit/debit cards.

6. Obtaining a Village of North Baltimore ZONING PERMIT is only the first step in the building process. Any structure or building is required to also have a BUILDING PERMIT issued from Wood County Building Inspection, 419-354-9190, http://wcbinspect.co.wood.oh.us/

7. The Village of North Baltimore issues ZONING PERMITS only. Wood County requires structures to also have a BUILDING PERMIT which can only be obtained from Wood County Building Inspection Department.

8. Should you have questions or concerns regarding your proposed project or Village of North Baltimore Zoning Code, please contact Allyson at the village office 419-257-2394 or amurray@northbaltimore.net

9. Residents who do not obtain a permit prior to construction can be charged up to $150.00 per day for violating Chapter 1107.02 and 1107.99 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of North Baltimore, Ohio.

205 North Main Street, North Baltimore, OH 45872 Phone (419)257-2394 Fax (419)257-2457

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