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Village Administrator Report – August 2015

North Baltimore Village Administrator Donna Dettling submitted this report to the Village Council for August, 2015, at the September 1 Council Meeting. (Sorry for the delay in posting)

September 1, 2015

Re:      Village Administrator Report

  1. Meeting Review
  • August 17th – Evaluation Meeting
  • August 18th – Evaluation Meeting
  • August 18th – Auditor of State Meeting
  • August 19th – NWWSD Meeting
  • August 19th – Evaluation Meeting
  • August 20th – Poggemeyer re: Grant Application
  • August 21st – Street Sweeper State Bid Rep.
  • August 21st – Evaluation Meeting
  • August 25th – Evaluation Meetings
  • August 26th – BWC Grant Application Interview
  • August 27th – Stephanie Miller ODNR Representative
  1. Upcoming Meetings:
  • September 3rd– Benefit Strategies re: Health Care Renewal
  1. 511 W. State Street Update. Confirmed that County will conduct a second Sheriff Sale on September 10, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. at 511 W. State Street.   If the property sells, the village can require the new owner to clean it up.
  1. 2015 Street & Alley Paving Project.  A pre-construction meeting with Ward Construction is scheduled for September 9, 2015.  The paving project is scheduled to start the end of September with substantial completion by November 13, 2015.  The streets and alleys included in the 2015 Paving Project: Broadway Street from Main to Tarr Street, Tarr Street from railroad to Cherry Street, Maple Street from Gillette to Rudolph Road, Zihlman Street from E. Water to End, Ally off Water Street running North to South from Water Street to Poplar Street, and the East/West Alley between Main Street and Tarr Street.
  1. Roof Update. On the agenda is an emergency Ordinance to appropriate $238,000 for the roof at 205 N. Main and approval of the final design and bidding services from Peterman & Associates.  These actions will keep the permanent roof solution on track to be built this fall; provided the weather conditions are favorable.
  1. Administrator Search. The deadline for resumes is August 31, 2015 and we’ve received 20 resumes.  Wendy Schimmoeller from CN&A will prepare the initial candidate qualifications matrix.  A meeting to choose the candidates for interview will take place the week of September 7th, and interviews will be scheduled for the week of September 14th.
  1. Water Meter Replacement Project Bid Update. The Water Meter Replacement Project bid document was published with a bid submittal date of October 5, 2015.  At the 8-11-15 COTW meeting Council asked that the Water Meter Replacement Project go out for bid without waiting for grant funds to be replenished in the USDA Community Facility Funding Program.
  1. Zoning Code Public Hearing. Attached for your review is the required Notice of Public Hearing to amend the Zoning Code.  A Public Hearing will conducted at the next Council meeting.

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