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Village Administrator Report – August 5

Allyson Murray, Village Administrator
Date: September 5, 2017
Village Administrator Report

1. Meeting Review

• June 13 – NB Safety Chiefs Meeting @ 4:30pm Village Hall
• Aug 1 – Village Council Meeting at Village Hall 7:00pm
• Aug 3 – Briar Hill Advisory Board Meeting @ Noon at Briar Hill
• Aug 8 – Chief’s Meeting at Village Hall @ 4:30
• Aug 8 – Committee of the Whole Meeting @ 5:30 at Village Hall
• Aug 15 – Meeting with CSX at CSX Intermodal @ 11:00
• Aug 17 – Wood County Economic Development Lunch at Legion @ noon
• Aug 21 – North Baltimore Rotary Corn Roast @ Am. Legion @ 6:00pm
• Aug 22 – Employee Development Training in Swanton 12:00-4:00pm
• Aug 24 – Wood County Safety Council/BG Chamber Mtg. @ 1:00pm
• Aug 28 – Employee Development Training in Lima 9:00-4:00pm
• Aug 31 – Meeting with Poggemeyer Design Group @ 2:30pm

2. Upcoming Meetings:

• Sept 5 – Wood County Safety Council WC Hospital @ 7:30am
• Sept 5 – North Baltimore Planning Commission Meeting @ 6:00pm
• Sept 5 – North Baltimore Village Council Meeting @ 7:00pm
• Sept 11 – Safe Routes to School/ Downtown Revitalization (TIP) Mtg. @ 9:00am
• Sept 11 – Bid opening for Phase II of downtown waterline @ 11:00am
• Sept 11 – TIP Monitoring Meeting @ District 2 ODOT in BG 3:30pm
• Sept 11 – North Baltimore Tree Commission Meeting @ 6:00pm
• Sept 12 – North Baltimore Safety Forces Chief Meeting @ 4:30pm
• Sept 12 – North Baltimore Committee of the Whole @ 5:30pm

3. LMI Survey – Poggemeyer has confirmed that the village has 6 months from the date (6-5-17) we initiated the LMI survey to obtain the results. We need 348 completed surveys and as of August 15 Poggemeyer had only received 122. We have been asking all citizens who stop in the village office to pay water bills to complete a survey and included them in this month’s water bill. We will be going door to door in the Poe Road Apartments, Eagle Landing and Westhaven in the next few weeks to try to get the remaining needed surveys. If we still have not reached the 348 goal, we will plan to attend the sports and extra-curricular activities at the schools and try to reach citizens to complete the survey there.

4. School Resource Officer Agreement – The Village of North Baltimore Police Department provides an officer to our schools each year (SRO). Tonight Ordinance 2017-34 will be introduced to approve the agreement between the school and the village for this SRO officer.

5. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) – North Baltimore applied for a Safe Routes to School Grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and have been awarded up to a maximum of $307,349 for Funding Year 2019. We will be meeting with representatives from ODOT on Monday September 11, 2017 at 9:00am. This was the biggest Safe Routes to School Project awarded and will be spent on sidewalk and crossing improvements along the north side of Maple Street from Rhoades Avenue to Rudolph Road; upgraded signage and markings. Look for more information in the coming months on this exciting project.

6. Complaint Form – The village has introduced a new complaint form procedure for our office and staff. Too many times we were getting complaints from citizens who walked in the office and started yelling at our staff about some issue and then left leaving the staff to rely the message to the supervisors or administrator. As anyone who has ever played the old “telephone” game knows, what someone says and what another person hears can vary greatly. In an attempt to identify exactly what the complaint/issue actually is we have developed a complaint form that we will be asking anyone wishing to submit a complaint to fill out. By using this new form, the complainant can thoroughly explain the issue, it will give a date and time that the complaint was lodged and provide contact information for the complainant so that follow up may be provided. We believe we will be better able to provide explanations and solutions through the use of this new form and procedure. A copy of the complaint form is included in the council packet.

7. Water Tower – Many years ago the village saw the need for a centralized location for a new water tower and purchased the East Water Street property just north of the American Legion in order to build a new water tower. The village was nominated last spring for a 0% interest loan for the planning stage of the new tower build from the Drinking Water Assistance Fund. We recently received word that we were selected as one of the communities awarded and appearing on the Drinking Water Assistance Fund’s Intended Project List for Program Year 2018. This will allow the village to obtain a 0% interest loan on money we would borrow to fund the planning and design portion of the water tower build. The estimated cost of the planning and design is approximately $95,000. The entire Water Tower Build Project is estimated at $1.4 million. On the agenda tonight you will see Ordinance 2017-35 which authorizes the Village Administrator to enter into an agreement with Poggemeyer Design Group to design a new 500,000 gallon water tower to be constructed on the village owned property on East Water Street. This new addition will allow for equalized water pressure throughout the village and also allow for growth in our community.

8. Main Street Corridor – We are ready to get to work on Phase II of the downtown waterline replacement project and we will be opening bids on Monday Sept. 11. We have the opportunity to apply for Ohio Public Works Commission Funds once again Sept. 8 for the next 2 blocks of waterline replacement, Walnut St. to Cherry St. Once we have replaced the waterlines we can begin looking for funding opportunities for paving. We realize how badly Main St. needs paved but it would be impossible to score very well on grant applications for funds to pave while we still had existing waterlines under the intended project area that were in excess of 200 years old. Replacing the old waterlines will increase our ability to find the funding to pave Main St.

9. Zoning Update – the Mayor read a letter during the letters and communications portion of the August meeting from concerned citizens on South Taylor Street about a zoning concern in that neighborhood. The Wood County Health Dept. has issued violations in that case and it is evident that work is being done to correct the issue. The village has been working with several property owners in an attempt to get them to clean up their properties. So far this has been a beneficial endeavor as properties are looking much better overall. Any issue that is a health or safety concern rather than just junk is forwarded to Wood County Health Department. Please call the village office if you have zoning concerns.

10. Street Sweeper – the village street sweeper in 11 years old and we have been planning to purchase a new once since late 2014. There is currently $75,000 in the 901 Fund being saved to go towards the purchase of a new street sweeper. In addition there will be close to $200,000 in the Street Sweeping Fund 821 by the end of 2017 since a special assessment for street sweeping provides $65,000 per year. More information will be provided at the COTW meeting next week.

11. Backhoe for Water/Sewer Dept. – the water & sewer dept. is in need of a new backhoe to replace the Case 2000 model we currently have. This backhoe has approximately 4500 hours and repairs are beginning to be more costly. Information on the purchase of a new backhoe for the water / sewer department is in council mailboxes and Brian Roberts will speak on this at the COTW meeting next Tuesday Sept. 12. A new backhoe will cost roughly $85,000 and this cost would be split between Water Operating Fund 511 and Sewer Operating Fund 521. Please take a few minutes and look over the information provided in the council mailboxes prior to the COTW.

12. Water/Sewer Employee Retiring – Mr. Don Lessig will be retiring from our water & sewer departments at the end of September after nearly 30 years with the village. We would like to thank Mr. Lessig for his dedication to the village operation and wish him congratulations on his retirement. We will also need to fill this open position and would like to advertise for a replacement.

Proposed Motion – motion to advertise for opening in the water/sewer department.

13. Wood County Engineer Request – I have requested the Wood County Engineer’s Office assist us with some issues we have in the village with regard to right of ways, easements and ownership responsibility. There is an issue with flooding in the 13000 block of Eagleville Road as there is a broken tile and it needs to be determined if that tile repair is the responsibility of the village, the township or the county. A similar situation exists in the 15000 block of Deweyville Road. There are also issues with ditches located along W. State St & the CSX tracks, as well as at Insley & Quarry and Grant & Quarry Roads. I will forward any information I receive on ownership and responsibility to council as soon as I receive it.

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