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Village Administrator Report – Dec. 2016

Allyson Murray, Village Administrator

Submitted to Council and Mayor Goldner – January 3, 2017

Village Administrator Report

1. Meeting Review

* Dec 6 – Village Council Meeting at Village Hall 7:00pm

* Dec 14 – Presentation of Mats from St. Luke’s Church @ 10:30am Village Hall

* Dec 20 – High School Choir Christmas Caroling Food Drive 6:00pm @ Gazebo

* Dec 20 – Village Council Meeting @ 7:00pm Village Hall

* Dec 23 – Village Office Closed until Tuesday Dec 27 @ 7:30am Happy Holidays!

* Jan 3 – Village Council Meeting @ 7:00pm Village Hall

2. Upcoming Meetings:

* Jan 4 – Staff Meeting 8am @ Village Hall

* Jan 9 – North Baltimore Tree Commission Meeting 6pm @ Village Hall

* Jan 10 – Committee of the Whole Meeting 5:30pm @ Village Hall

* Jan 12 – TMACOG TIP Monitoring Meeting 3:30pm TMACOG Boardroom Toledo

* Jan 16 – Martin Luther King Day- Village Office Closed

* Jan 17 – Village Council Meeting 7:00pm @ Village Hall

* Jan 24 – North Baltimore Planning Commission Meeting 5:30pm @ Village Hall

* Jan 25 – Wood County Mayor’s Association Dinner @ Pemberville Legion 6:00pm

3. Main Street Corridor – We notified our downtown businesses to alert them to the project and will provide an estimated time table once Buckeye Excavating has issued one. A notice was also included in the first water bill of the New Year to alert citizens of the project and the estimated timeline for construction. Once the project gets moving parking will be prohibited in the downtown block between State Street and Broadway Street. There may also be water service interruptions without prior notice. The contractors will do their best to limit all disruptions and inconveniences but this is a major underground construction project and citizens should be prepared for service outages and issues.

4. Municipal Building Communications Tower – In addition to the new data collector for water meter reading; the police, fire and EMS antenna have been installed on the village’s new 120 foot communications tower. The police, fire and EMS antennae have been mounted at the 110 foot level of the tower. They will be moving finishing cable and other wiring the week of 12/26/16 and this project should be complete by January 9, 2017.

5. Wood County Economic Development Membership –The Wood County Economic Development Commission Membership dues for 2017 are now due. Previously North Baltimore has had a Board Level Membership ($1500 per year) but last year dropped down to a Supporting Level Membership ($500 per year).

Proposed Motion: To authorize the Village Administrator to send in our Membership dues for 2017 to Wood County Economic Development Commission at the ______________level.

6. Winter Weather Policy – The Personnel Policy and Ordinance Review Committee will meet this week to condense and finalize an updated version of snow removal procedures for the village public works department. The final product will be reviewed at the COTW meeting.

7. Resolution 2017-01 – This resolution authorizes the Village Administrator to sign documents on behalf of the village for the Main St. Waterline Replacement Project. This is similar to the resolution we passed last year for signatures on documents for the Headworks Project.

Proposed Motion: To authorize the Village Administrator to sign documents for the Main Street Waterline Replacement Project.

8. Economic Development Job Creation Incentive – A motion authorizing a job creation grant that the village would have available for any business or industry interested in creating new jobs in the village that would bring an additional $500,000 in new payroll was presented at the last council meeting. If council is in agreement then we need a motion to adopt this program and when a business is looking to use this grant an ordinance will be created at that time.

Proposed Motion: To authorize the Village Administrator to adopt the job creation grant program in order to encourage economic development in the village.

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