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Village Administrator Report – Feb. 3

To:      Mayor Julien, Council, Clerk and Legal Counsel

From: Donna Dettling, Village Administrator

                             Date:    February 3, 2015

Re:      Village Administrator Report

  1. Meeting Review
  • January 16th – CSX Visit
  • January 20th – NWWSD meeting re: Sewer Capacity
  • January 21st – TMACOG General Assembly
  • January 22nd – Board of Zoning Appeals-Variance Hearing
  • January 22nd – SJS Investment meeting re: Review Investment
  • January 27th – Planning Commission Monthly Meeting
  • January 29th –  Meeting at Hancock-Wood Electric- George Walton
  • January 29th – Andrew Sterling USDA re: Funding with 30% grant
  • January 29th –Annual Mayor’s Meeting in Pemberville
  1. Upcoming Meetings:
  • February 2nd –  Meeting with Time Warner Cable – Leah Raab Account Manager
  • February 4th – Open House 142 N. Main re: Wood County Family Services of NW Ohio
  • February 9th –  City of BG re: Economic Development Meeting
  • February 12th – Grade Separation & Transportation Planning Stakeholders Meeting
  1. NWWSD Update. Andy Patterson, Bill Cameron and I met with Jerry Greiner and Tom Stalter on January 20th, at their request to review sanitary sewer projects that they would like to evaluate to determine if there’s an opportunity to send flow to NB Wastewater Treatment Facility.   One of the first things we need to do is update the 2007Coopertive Agreement the parties entered into.  In 2007 the Village did NOT have sewer capacity, however today with the successful completion of the Sewer Separation Project there is treatment capacity at the WWTP.  A copy of a draft Cooperative Agreement is attached to my report for your review.  We need to confirm if there are any other changes that need to be made besides Section Three Sanitary Sewer.  Note item 3 in that section references the Area Water Quality Management Plan or 208.  This document is updated every two years and it is currently being updated. I’ll include a copy of the most current 208 with the final Agreement.  At this time, we’ve not heard back from NWWSD with additional details.
  1. Plant Operator Selection Process.  Andy Patterson and I reviewed 20 applications with this first round of applications received.  We found 5 applicants that we want to bring in for an interview and I’ll be setting up the interviews the week of February 2ndand 9th.  We will continue to accept applications until the positions are filled.
  1. Rural Development USDA Community Facility Funding. I met with Andrew Sterling from USDA to discuss the funding opportunity that provides a 30% grant for community facility, equipment, and vehicles.  I recommend that the Finance Committee get together to research this further and work out details for how the Village might leverage our fund balances or restricted Capital Improvement dollars to take advantage of grant dollars.  Andy Sterling from USDA agreed to attend a Committee meeting to help get us going in the right direction.
  1. Railroad Overpass Stakeholder Meeting. REMINDER AND INVITE UPDATE. We are set for the Grade Separation Stakeholder Meeting on Thursday February 12, 2015 at 7p.  I’m planning to send out a reminder next week to those who have not responded yet.  I’ll provide an attendance count at the meeting.
  1. OML Legislative Luncheon.  Please confirm if anyone can join me for the 2015 OML Legislative Reception that will be held on March 18, 2015 from 6 to 7 p.m.
  1. 506 Beckett St. Dangerous Building. The Notice of Declaration of Public Nuisance for 506 Beckett was officially issued on January 29, 2015.  The current residence on file for Don Barringer the owner of 506 Beckett appeared vacant.  The phone number for his current residence was also disconnected.  Mr. Barringer has 60-days to abate the nuisance, which ends on March 30, 2015.  Although the notice was properly served it is likely that Mr. Barringer has not and may not receive it.  Therefore, I’m searching for other means to locate him and confirm receipt of the notice. The Ordinance allows the village to abate the nuisance and charge the costs against the land.

Donna Dettling

North Baltimore Village Administrator


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