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Village Administrator Report – Jan. 20

Village Administrator Report – Donna Dettling –  January 20, 2015

  1. Meeting Review
  • January 8th – Stephanie Miller re: Tree Plan
  • January 12th – Tree Commission Meeting
  • January 13th – COTW Meeting
  • January 14th – Raymond James re: Investment Review
  • January 15th – First Empire re: Investment Review
  • January 15th – Public Safety Committee
  • January 15th – Special Council Meeting
  • January 16th – CSX Visit
  • January 20th – NWWSD meeting re: Sewer Capacity
  • January 20th – SJS Investment meeting re: Review Investment
  1. Upcoming Meetings
  • January 21st TMACOG General Assembly
  • January 22nd – Board of Zoning Appeals-Variance Hearing
  • January 27th – Planning Commission Monthly Meeting
  • January 29th –Annual Mayor’s Meeting in Pemberville
  • February 12th –  Grade Separation & Transportation Planning Stakeholders Meeting 
  1. Railroad Overpass Stakeholder Meeting. We had to adjust the date for the Transportation Stakeholders meeting to accommodate the Wood County Mayor’s Association Annual Meeting.  TMACOG will be able to work with us on an alternate date of Thursday, February 12th.  Hopefully this will work for Council, please adjust your calendar for Thursday February 12, 2015 at 7p for the Stakeholder meeting.  A copy of the agenda for the meeting is attached.  
  1. Wood County Drainage Hearing. Aaron Patterson and I attended the Public Hearing on January 8, 2015 for the Jack Sterling Ditch Special Assessment.  The special assessment is referred to as the Jack Sterling Ditch, because Jack Sterling petitioned to create the special assessment to improve the ditch that runs along Liberty High Road.  I was able to get a list of all the properties assessed in North Baltimore.   Most are minimum assessments, which will result in a $10 assessment to cover an upcoming rehabilitation project on the drainage channel and continued maintenance.  The Hearing established a 10 year loan period on the proposed project cost of $290,000. The village received an assessment for roads and alleys that are in the watershed area linked with the Liberty High Ditch totaling 7.32 acres, which made our total assessment $547.44.   It is my plan to pay the Special Assessment all at once so we don’t get a bill each year. Attached for your review is a map of the watershed, that outlines properties included in this Drainage Special Assessment.    The village participates in four other ditch special assessments; Middle BR JT $98.46/year, M Wagner $25.68/year, 36A M Kelley $9.76/year and Rocky Ford $286.20 for a total of $420.10/year.  The Wood County Ditch maintenance special assessments are necessary to improve the movement of stormwater to reduce flooding and improve water quality for all watersheds in Wood County. This effort will protect and enhance the water that North Baltimore pulls from the Rocky Ford to fill our reservoirs and provide better flood protection for all of Wood County. 
  1. OML Legislative Luncheon.  Attached is an invitation to the 2015 OML Legislative Reception that will be held on March 18, 2015 from 6 to 7 pm.  Please let me know if anyone would like to attend the Reception. 
  1. Staff Training Update. Dan Wendt completed several rounds of training on Discriminatory Harassment and Ethics of Public Employment that were well received.   He finalized the Drug Free Workplace and Work Place Violence programs and is currently scheduling these.   Acknowledgement forms are filed in employees personnel files for each training completed.
  1. Signing Contracts Follow-upFollow-up from the COTW meeting regarding the UniFirst Contract dated March 14, 2013; the 2012 and 2013 minutes were searched and there were no entries authorizing the Administrator to enter into this contract.  Provided for Council review is a copy of the purchasing policy adopted by Ordinance 2008-14, and a copy of ORC 731.141.  Both state Council approval for purchases over $25,000 and $50,000 but don’t specifically address the procedure or authority for entering into contracts on behalf of the Village otherwise.  I’m still reviewing several other sections of the R.C. cited in 731.141.  The purchasing policy does include a violations section that sets forth the procedure for disciplinary action if employees violate the purchasing procedures. 
  1. 506 Beckett St. Dangerous Building. I’m finalizing a draft letter that will be reviewed by Chet Marcin before it’s sent to Don Barringer, the owner of 506 Beckett Street.  The procedures for declaring a public nuisance as well as the abatement process are outlined in our codified ordinance Chapter 1305 Dangerous Buildings.  The procedures outlined in chapter 1305 were adopted in 1990, Ordinance #16-90. I plan to follow-up with Mr. Barringer before the certified letter is mailed.  I also called and updated Kathy Lincoln, who emailed Council members asking that this property be cleaned up.

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