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Village Administrator Report – May 5

Donna Dettling, Village Administrator

Date:    May 5, 2015

Village Administrator Report

  1. Meeting Review
  • April 20th – First Federal Bank re: Bank Services Pricing
  • April 23rd– TMACOG review funding source opportunities
  • April 27th –Kathy Kolanko DW&Associates Park Equipment Representative
  • April 28th – Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals
  • April 28th –  Southwood Corridor Economic Development Meeting
  • April 29th – Tree City Award Program
  • April 29th – NBACC Annual Dinner
  • May 1st– Pre-Construction Meeting for Village Hall ADA Door Project 
  1. Upcoming Meetings:
  • May 5th – CDBG Project Prioritization Meeting
  • May 5th– Laborer Position 2 Interviews
  • May 6th – Laborer Position 2 Interviews
  • May 6th – Noah Pelton- Introduce Scout Project
  • May 11th – Charles Harris-Auditor
  • May 11th – Tree Commission Meeting 
  1. Part-time Employee. Staff is requesting support to hire a part-time employee for one month.  DPW could use a PT employee to keep up with mowing until the new employee is hired.  Brandon Conine will be working 3rd shift for ODOT and may be interested in working or Doug Wickard has a few people that would be interested in working on a part-time temporary basis.

Proposed Motion:  Council authorized Doug Wickward to hire a part-time temporary employee for the month of May at the starting rate of $8.10/hour.

  1. Laborer Position. We received 8 applications for the Laborer Position in the Department of Public Works and 4 interviews have been scheduled with North Baltimore residents.  Doug Wickard and I hope to have a recommendation for the hire ready by the end of this week and request that Council approve a special meeting before the COTW on May 12, 2015 to consider this item. 

Proposed Motion:  Set a special Council Meeting for May 12, 2015 at 5:45 p.m. prior to the Committee of Whole. 

  1. ADA Doors –CDBG Project Update. Dave Steiner, Wood County Planning conducted a pre-construction meeting at the Village on May 1, 2015.  The contractor will be on site the week of May 4th to install the doors, which will require approximately 2-days work.  The sidewalk and parking area improvements will be completed the week of May 11, 2015 with temporary and intermittent staff and customer parking interruptions.  Let me know if anyone needs additional information about this project; since it was November 2014 that you last received an update. 
  1. Qtly Planning & Zoning Report. Included for your review is the Planning & Zoning Report for the first quarter of 2015.  Please contact me if you have any questions. 
  1. Park Slide Install. The park play equipment slide was received on 4-28-2015 and DPW will be installing the slide after they remove the foundation of the current slide.  They also need to further study the installation requirements for the new slide to guarantee proper installation for warranty purposes.  The invoice will be paid after the slide is installed. 
  1. Bank Service Fees. The review of bank service fees was an exercise Chris and I completed to make sure Huntington Bank was in line with fees being charged by other banks.  Chris finalized the review and included in his report a comparison.  It wasn’t our intent to bid service fees, which we understand the 15% bid/quote advantage for local businesses.  It was our intent to place a higher (more than 15% target) on any recommendation that we would make to change banks.  There are other considerations that influence this decision; for example the hassle of changing banks, due to transition costs and issues with new bank account numbers and printing new checks.  The level of savings must also offset the impact on the local economy, which is a subjective aspect to quantify.  Chris and I are considering options with Huntington to improve the Village’s position.
  1. Downtown Parking.  DPW completed the new alignment for the downtown parking stalls and the feedback so far has been positive.  This alignment was intended to be a trial, which allows the village to make the determination when Main Street is paved and new pavement markings installed to continue this alignment on a permanently.
  1. Tree City Award Ceremony.  The Village of North Baltimore received our 20th Tree City Award on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.     
  1. Bus Service Inquiry. A request was made to determine interest in a bus service from Detroit to Columbus.  The Motor Coach company is already providing service from Detroit to Columbus on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays with stops in Tiffin (2 locations), Sidney and Piqua.  They are in discussions for a stop at the Petro Station, but wanted to determine interest in adding the NB stop to the printed schedule before they finalized anything with Petro.  There is no cost to the Village as a recognized stop. This new bus service was simply looking for the community’s level of interest.

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