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Village Administrator Report – Nov, 7

Allyson Murray, Village Administrator submitted the following Village Administrator Report to Mayor Goldner, Council, Clerk and Legal Counsel at the November 7, 2017 council meeting.

1. Meeting Review

• Oct 3 – Phase II Waterline Preconstruction Meeting @ 10:00am, Village Hall
• Oct 24 – Wood County EMA Mitigation Meeting @ BG Courthouse 3:00pm
• Oct 25 – Winter Weather Conference @ BG Courthouse 8:00am-5:00pm
• Oct 27 – Meeting with TMACOG Transportation Funding Coordinator @ 2:00pm
• Oct 28 – North Baltimore Annual Halloween Parade, 7:00pm
• Oct 30 – Briar Hill Trunk or Treat Event in NB, 6:00-9:00pm
• Oct 31 – North Baltimore Village Trick or Treat from 6:00-7:30pm

2. Upcoming Meetings:

• Nov 7 – Wood County Safety Council @ Wood County Hospital @ 7:30
• Nov 7 – North Baltimore Village Council Meeting @ 7:00pm Municipal Building
• Nov 8 – Wood County Mayors & Mangers Meeting @ Kemosabes at 6:00pm
• Nov 9 – Wood County Concession Licensing Meeting @ 5:30pm Health Dept.
• Nov 14 – North Baltimore Safety Chiefs Meeting at Municipal Hall @ 4:30pm
• Nov 14 – North Baltimore Council Committee of the Whole Meeting @ 5:30pm
• Nov 15 – North Baltimore Rotary Christmas Light Work Session at 6:00pm at Kelleys

3. Main Street Corridor – Underground Utilities Inc. of Monroeville, Ohio intends to begin work on the Main Street Waterline replacement on Monday October 23, 2017. Equipment and materials will be moved in throughout this first week. Work will begin at the intersection of Broadway & Main Streets proceeding north to the intersection of Walnut and Main Streets and parking will be prohibited in the 200 block of Main Street. It is the intention of the contractor to keep the western-most lane of Main Street open for traffic, but semi-trucks will be re-routed through the village via a detour. Downtown water service should not be interrupted until the new waterline is set to go live and we will update the businesses as to when that will be. Even then water service should only be down for a few hours.

Replacing the existing Main Street waterline between Broadway and Walnut Streets is the second phase in a planned Four Phase Revitalization of our downtown area. The third phase will see the installation of new sidewalks, curbs, catch basins and street lighting downtown and finally Phase Four will re-pave Main Street between State Street and Walnut Street.

The Downtown Revitalization will enhance the esthetics of our community and should encourage business to locate in the downtown area. This is a project that Village Council has been hoping to bring to fruition for more than a decade now. As with any major reconstruction project there are going to be some inconveniences to our residents and downtown business owners. There will be weeks that parking will be unavailable in the downtown block and there may be limited water service interruptions. It is the intention of the village and contractors to limit the disruptions as much as possible but please be aware they are possible. We understand this will be an inconvenience, however, the village was awarded a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission to complete this project and thus it will not be a burden to village tax payers.

4. Drainage Issues at Eagleville Road– The tile and catch basin for the Eagleville Road tile repair has been ordered and should arrive this week or next. We will be coordinating with TMJ Excavating (Casey’s) to complete this repair as soon as possible. We will also be presenting the repair information to Henry Township with the hope that they will contribute to the cost of this repair since it should assist with the drainage issues their constituents on Eagleville Road are experiencing.

5. Council Vacancy –The Mayor received the resignation of our council member Holly Emahiser-Ryder effective November 15, 2017. The term for this seat expires December 31, 2019. The open seat must be filled within 30 days of the vacancy which will be December 15, 2017. The vacancy is being advertised and interested citizens should send a letter of interest to Mayor Goldner at the village office, 205 N. Main St. North Baltimore, Ohio 45872 prior to 4:00pm on Friday November 10, 2017. In addition, interested parties should plan on attending the Village Council Committee of the Whole Meeting at 5:30pm on Tuesday November 14, 2017 and be prepared to introduce themselves to council and expound on why they wish to serve on North Baltimore Village Council. On Tuesday November 21 at the regular council meeting the North Baltimore Village Council will appoint a person to fill the remainder of Mrs. Emahiser-Ryder’s term.

The successful candidate must have the following minimal qualifications:

• Must be a resident of the Village of North Baltimore, Ohio for a minimum of one year at the time of application.
• Must be an elector of the Village of North Baltimore, Ohio.
• Shall not hold any other public office.

6. Storm Water Bills – There has been much confusion regarding those accounts that do not normally pay water or sewer but have been receiving a storm water bill. The storm water bill is designed so that all village residents pay into this fund in order to generate monies to maintain and support the overall storm water system. The idea is that all citizens pay a minimum fee ($3.00 per month) that is put into the storm water fund (fund 531) so that monies area available should we need to repair, refurbish, or expand the storm water system. By planning ahead and establishing this fund the village is preparing should there be a critical issue with the storm water system.

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