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Village Administrator Report to Council Jan. 5

Allyson Murray, Village Administrator Report to Council January 5, 2016

Meeting Review

  • December 14 – Pre-Project Meeting with NECO on Meter Changeout
  • December 16 – Pre-Construction Meeting on Municipal Roof @ 10am
  • December 18 – Bid Opening on Headworks Project @ 2pm
  • December 18, 21 & 22 – EMS Interviews
  • December 22 – Employee Christmas Luncheon
  • December 24 & 25 – Village Offices Closed
  • December 29 –  Meeting with Radio Hospital on Communications Tower
  • January 1 –    Village Offices Closed
  1. Upcoming Meetings:
  • January 6 –  Meeting with CSX on Emergency Management
  • January 11 –  Tree  Commission Meeting at 6:00pm
  • January 13 –  Wood Co. Land Use Steering Committee Meeting
  • January 18 –  Chamber of Commerce
  • January 25 –  Toledo Metropolitan Area Council Of Government Meeting
  • January 27 –  Wood County Mayors/Managers Meeting in Pemberville
  1. Municipal Building Roof Update. Pre-construction meeting took place on December 16, with city personnel and Helms Construction.  Changes were made to alter the original roof plans to ensure water runoff from the roof was properly channeled and that no part of the roof system would need to be torn off or exposed.  Bob Miller was present and worked cooperatively with city personnel on these changes.
  2. Meter Changeover Project. During the Pre-project meeting held on Monday December 14 it was determined that a change order was needed to order the correct size meters for approximately 8 water users. NECO also offered the village a substantial savings on hosting the water meter software.  A breakdown of the costs associated with these items is included with this packet.  I am recommending that we accept the change order from NECO. 
  1. Wastewater Plant Headworks Project. Bids were opened on Friday December 18 at 2pm.  We received five bids ranging from $1,315,000 to $1,539,000 for work on the headworks/lab section of the sewer plant & the truck stop pump station.  The apparent low bidder was Peterson Construction from Wapakoneta, Ohio with a bid of $1,315,000.  I am recommending we award the project bid to Peterson Construction. 
  1. New Part-Time EMS Personnel. Recommended tonight are 6 candidates for part-time EMS personnel for council approval.  The hiring of these 7 candidates will allow our new 24 hour EMS operation to be fully operational with 16 EMTs/Medics available to work ensuring 24 hour coverage.  I am recommending the hiring of; Alex Matthews, Lori Young, Christopher Young, Kelly Conner, Bradley McKee, Michael Brown and Ryan Cook. 
  1. EMS Awarded Grant. North Baltimore EMS Division was awarded the Bureau of Workers Compensation Safety Grant valued at $29,406.14.  This grant will allow the village to purchase a power cot with compatibility kit and IV pole, and a power load system.  The village’s share of the costs on this equipment will be $9,802.04.  A copy of the award letter is included in this packet.   I am recommending that we accept the EMS grant from Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. 
  1. Bakery Feeds Guardrail. On Tuesday December 22, 2015 I met with John Vascik of Bakery Feeds.  We are researching possible options for signage in that area to advise semi- truck traffic that there is no turn around options or outlets in that area.  Also included in this packet is a photo of the newly installed parking lot light that further illuminates the guardrail and was installed by Bakery Feeds at their own expense as an attempt to deter the truck damage incidents. 
  1. John Rauch of RCAP. John Rauch of RCAP was contracted to conduct a rate analysis for the village on the selling of excess sewer capacity.  He will be at the February 2, 2016 council meeting to update council on this project.
  1. Summary of Recommendations: 
  • Accept the change order from NECO for meter project.
  • Award the Headworks project bid to Peterson Construction.
  • Hiring of; Alex Matthews, Lori Young, Christopher Young, Kelly Conner, Bradley McKee, Michael Brown and Ryan Cook for our EMS Division.
  • Accept the EMS grant from Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

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