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June 3, 2023 1:50 pm

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Village Administrator Report to Council – July 7

North Baltimore’s Donna Dettling, Village Administrator, submitted the following report to NB Village Council on July 7, 2015.

                             Date:    July 7, 2015

Re:      Village Administrator Report

 1.     Meeting Review

·       June 3rd – Rick Schantz re: Review preliminary report, Transition Planning

·       June 9th – Council COTW Meeting

·       June 10th – Mayor’s Annual Conference-Half Day

·       June 11th – Mayor’s Annual Conference- Full Day

·       June 12th – Field Visit Grey St. Stormwater Issue

·       June 15th – Met with Jeff Baney re: Wood County Parks Grant Program

·       June 17th – Chet Marcin & CN&A re: Pay Classification Review

·       June 18th – Greg Songer Public Entities Pool of Ohio-Loss Control Supervisor Item#7

·       June 19th – Meeting with Jon Williams & Andy Patterson re: 216 S. Tarr Water Leak

·       June 23rd–  Chris Beck of HPJ Ind. Re: Zoning Interest for Fence & Parking

·       June 24th – Chet and CN&A re: Pay Classification Review

·       June 25th – Mary Carr USDA review paperwork for  CF Funding Projects & Closing

·       July 2nd–  Charles Harris Auditor re: Audit Fieldwork Update


2.     Upcoming Meetings:

·       July 1st – EMS Chief and CSX Meeting Re: EMS Service Concern

·       July 9th – Records Commission Meeting

·       July 13th – USDA CF Funding Loan Closing re: Vehicles

·       July 13th – Tree Commission Meeting 

3.     Mayor’s Annual Conference.  Janet Goldner and I attended the Mayor’s Annual Conference in Perrysburg on June 10th and 11th.  We attended sessions on Exterior Property Maintenance Codes, Rules of Council Meetings, Annexations & Mergers, Affordable Care Act, Contracting, and Establishing a Tree Commission.  

4.     Beckett St. Nuisance Abatement Update & Recommendation.  The demolition is complete and the contractor payment is in bills & payroll.  Documentation will be provided to Chris Kirk to place a lien on the property.  Since the Barringer’s daughter has Power of Attorney over the Barringer’s affairs, she was contacted and updated on this matter. 

5.     Concrete & Asphalt Repairs Update.  Asphalt repairs were delayed due to rain; however they were finally completed on June 24, 2015.  

  1. Greg Songer of Public Entities Pool of Ohio Greg Songer Loss Control Supervisor was on on-site to complete our Loss Control Audit.  This audit is completed every two years, and includes a report with recommendations that require a response.  A copy of the report and response will be provided to Council. 
  1. Annual Performance Reviews.  Performance reviews for the period July 2014 through June 2015 are being completed in anticipation of the budget process.  The plan is to have the reviews done, and rate adjustment recommendations before Council for approval before the Finance Officer starts the 2016 Budget.

8.     Guardrail Request Broadway Bridge.  I have not gotten a response from the Wood County Engineer on the guardrail request.  I have emailed him and he is working on it.  I requested a bridge inspection report, but have not gotten that yet.  I also asked about the gas main that is attached to or near the bridge and if this ever gets inspected.

9.     Request for Lighting at I-75 Exit/Entrance Ramps.  A response from ODOT regarding our request that ODOT install lighting at the exit/entrance ramps at Exit 168 is attached.

10.  Designate No-Parking Request.  A request to designate a portion of N. Second Street “No-Parking from Here to Corner” was received and I’m working with Chet Marcin to finalize Ordinance language to bring to Council for consideration at the next meeting.  A GIS map is attached that shows the proposed location of the sign.

11.  North Baltimore Garden Club.  A copy of an appreciation letter sent to the North Baltimore Garden Club is provided for your review.

12.  Disc Golf Project Update.  A copy of the donation letter Noah Hetrick circulated is included with this report.  The village has received one donation from Kelley Chevrolet and this funding was placed in 941 Park-Disc Golf Donation Fund.

13.  Street Barn Roof.  JB Roofing is on-site to replace roof at Street Barn.   This project was awarded last October in the amount of $39,887.00, but was delayed due to harsh weather. The work will be completed in two weeks.

14.  Wood County Park’s Grant Program.  The slide was installed and a final report to Wood County Parks to close out the Grant for this project was submitted per the Grant requirements. A copy of the Final Report is attached.  Park Grant applications for funding in 2016 were submitted on June 22, 2015 for play equipment ahead of the June 26th deadline.  Copies of the applications are available for review in the Administrator’s office; let me know if you’d like to see a copy of the applications.

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