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Village Clarifies SSO Event

To whom it may concern,

The village of North Baltimore sent out a notice on 5/19/20  at 12:42 pm using our Public notification system ”WENS” and our village Facebook page to inform the residents that the Sewer department would be pumping raw sewage into the Rock Ford Creek to relieve the sanitary sewer system due to extremely wet conditions.

We received a total of 4” of rain in a twenty-four (24) hour period which backed up our sanitary sewer system.

The Village of North Baltimore had received several phone calls from the residents about gurgling sounds and extremely slow drainage of their sinks, showers, and toilets. The public utilities Director Brian Roberts “deemed it necessary at that point to discharge sanitary sewer directly into the Rock Ford Creek to relieve the system in the effort to keep the resident’s household fixtures from backing up and not draining.

The village used a six (6) inch pump with an estimated pump rate of 700gpm over the following time frame:

SSO Start Date – 5/19/20 Time 1:30 pm.
SSO ending at Date 5/20/20 Time 1:30 am located at 806 East Broadway
EPA Permit 2PB00033 Outfall 002.
With the estimated discharge of .504 MG into the Rocky Ford Creek.

Thank you,

Brian Roberts

Public Utilities Director

Village of North Baltimore Ohio



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